Should VISR and other tech from the Halo 3 return?

I want to know what people who think if Halo 6 returned tech from the Halo 3 era, such as VISR and bubble shields.

I liked VISR mode from ODST - wouldn’t be offended if it returned for a mission or something in the dark in Halo 6. Bubble shields were fun too, but I don’t think equipment is really necessary unless it was thoroughly tested before it launched (remember all the issues with flares and radar jammers?), and if it acted a little differently like if it replaced a secondary grenade slot.

Yeah I think it would be nice if we got some of the old tech back especially as Cortana has put a real dent in the UNSC’s forces, making high tech unusable.

I wouldn’t be opposed

I think the ARTEMIS plays the role of the VISR now.