should this game have been FTP? (free to play)

the trend in console video games now, seems to be this “in game currency” (which is put in place to A keep you playing an unholy amount or B spend real money) model which is something you traditional only see in PC FTP games… because the content in the game pays for it self. so my question to the forum is would you rather see Halo 5 go the FTP route. because of the req system or are you fine with playing full price even with knowing that you might spend some extra because you don’t want to deal with the in game currency? i am a strong believer that COD AW should have been FTP because how they gave you the option to pay 50 bucks for a bundle of supply drops.

EDIT… this isn’t a WAHHHHH i shouldn’t have had to pay 60 for this! type of post… just curious to see how in game currency is received by you folks

In short, no.

I see the trend as a way to get free dlc that matters

Like Halos content plan, GTAs free dlc, Rainbow Sixs free maps/characters Destinys DLC plan and such…

All of these games are giving free content that’s normally behind a paywall with the con being microtransactions

Its a Win-Lose situation

Nah, FTP really only thrives when there is a really large potential installed base. That’s why you see it so much on PC and phones…

but the xbox install base is sub 20mill. So there’s no guaruntee that halo5 would have been able to generate the kind of revenue it does as a retail product. Less revenue means less future investment. (Current FTP games on xb1 are ports of already thriving PC games)

also, with the current currency, the chance of any one person spending any more the base purchase price is very slim. In general 50% of all MT revenue comes from 0.15% of the population. Most folks won’t spend a dime extra, especially not on consoles.

Ive found that very few people actually buy reqs so they wouldnt have made there money that way

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> Ive found that very few people actually buy reqs so they wouldnt have made there money that way

They made $1million US from REQs. And that’s just for the championship series. Imagine how much has gone to 343 themselves.