Should these be in a update 4 reach?

When i say this, here’s what i think


-Add Permanent (but moveable) corpses
-Terrain editor Eg; making the canyon flat
-Add killable models
-Add more total objects Eg; from 12 buildings, 48 includes armor abilities and stuff
-Change the weather
-Change colors Eg; from grassy to snowy; black to white
-Add Extras Eg; extra toys and buildings
-Allow forge gametypes to be saved and uploaded
-Spwan turretless vehicles

\Weapons and vehicles/

-Add weapons and vehicles from previous games
-Rip turrets off of warthogs (except for rocket hogs)

I got the idea from Cheezball42 from the Bungie forums. Credit to him!

The thing I would love most but it would be ridiculously hard to code is a group function. So if I wanted to move a base I could highlight all the items which make up that base and move it as 1 object instead of moving every piece.

However you would probably be better off with a dev kit than coding a function like that lol.

Sadly, most of that isnt posible. They would have to recode alot of sh… stuff

epic win OP