Should there be more types of Prometheans?

In the halo 4 we got to fight Knights, crawlers and watchers but i felt they could of expanded and made more types.

What do you guys think?

Let’s see.


Knight Lancers

Knight Commanders

Knight Battlewagons


Alpha/Prime Crawlers

Crawler Snipers


That’s about 9 enemies right there :stuck_out_tongue: 3 main types if you discount variants. CE only had four types of enemies mind you. Not bad for a first installment but i expect more types of Prometheans in Halo 5/6.

I do wish there was more than one type of Watcher though. Maybe Super Watchers that fired multiple LR shots and missiles at you or Guardian Watcher that can take more hits and boost the shields of Covenant/Promethean allies nearby.

Or a type of Watcher armed with two internal Supressors that can teleport very fast across the battlefield in addiction to flying.

There are 9 units altogether, but they mostly do the same things more or less. As I’m composing my Halo 5 script, I did create some enemies based on the Prometheans.

One concept, the Asura, involved a shape shifting machine with three heads. They would rotate and change form. One of would be a hulking, Hunter-like being that would charge the player. Another would be a flying enemy that could pester the player like the Drones do. Lastly, the final form would become a scurrying sort of machine like the Crawlers. Just a little something to mix up the action and keep players thinking. You’d have to take out all three heads to beat it too.

They were pretty good as far as their design went. If they were more coordinated and aggressive, i’d say they would be alot better than the covenant.

They’re flexible. Add alot more aggression on them and they would definetly be trouble.

Also, some Promethians Knights where created from real Promethian forerunners and others were made from Humans. It would be nice to see that play into the variety ideas behind Halo 5

If it shuffles up prioritization, yes.

Because it’s almost always Watchers first (except on Mythic).

It would be interesting to see some Promethians that were made from some of the Covenant species. If they did a promethian from a flood form, that would be devastating.

Cryptum describes large sphinx type vehicles/attack machines…