Should there be fire weapons in Halo 4?

Weapons such as the fire grenade and flamethrower could really change the game with new kills, medals, commendations, etc. Maybe there will be a new fire weapon. Share your ideas.

To simply put it, YES. Something about setting someone on fire with a direct hit to the face with a flame grenade, has a warm satisfying feeling. And toasting someone with a flamethrower makes me feel nice and cozy inside :slight_smile: I’m not insane -__-

I miss the Flamethrower and Flame Grenades.

They were so much fun to use and so satisfying.

Or maybe they could introduce a weapon with incendiary ammo.

perhaps a handheld version of the halo 3 flamethrower with a cooldown similar to a plasma rifle as well as a lower ammo pool and a range slightly larger than that of a shotgun.

Flamethrower Turret. That is all.

Yes I like making bbq spartan.

Incendiary grenade was a great way to change up the gameplay.

If Flamethrowers return, they should be mounted turrets that we can detach and carry.

Weapon with incendiary ammo would also be a good idea.

-Firebomb Grenade-
Same as in Halo 3.

-Incinerator- NEW
New Short-range, light-weight, UNSC Flamethrower to even out the weapons.
Since the Covenant have the Gravity Hammer and Energy Sword, while the UNSC have only the Shotgun.

-Napalm Mortar- NEW
New powerful weapon that has 2 rounds in a clip. Fires a large firey ball that progressively drops.
It is very heavy and must be carried at the side like the Halo 3 Flamethrower.
Covers an area in fire for up to 10 seconds and has an area-of-effect 3x that of the FireBomb’s area-of-effect.
Takes a relatively long amount of time to reload.

i always liked toasting my friends face.