Should There Be Different Weapon Spawns Depending on the Race you Choose?

I’ve came with this pretty cool idea of having different weapons when you change your race.

This will need both elites/spartans to have no advantages in the battlefield, meaning no Reach Invasion style were the spartans get a stronger weapon (DMR) becasue they are weaker, and elites get a weaker weapon because they are stronger (NR). Elites will be like in Halo 2/3 and will spawn with their covenant weapon counterparts that will have the same kill time and range.

This will ecourage using more weapons and less overused human weapons (AR/BR/DMR).

Do you agree? Do you disagree?

Go ahead and tell me why.

I don’t understand what you mean because all of the Covenant weapons, stay for the Beam and Focus Rifles (and that’s a sustained hit), are slow moving projectiles that must be led. The Carbine and Needle Rifle are the fastest but still slow compared to the hitscan games. And it is the slightly more avoidable projectiles that can force either range to be decreased or for firepower to be increased to achieve similar results with the UNSC weapons.

It can be most frustrating when I have a team that doesn’t have much experience with Covenant weapons and tier 1 mentality. Tier 1 is not the time for Elites to run around like LWs if the other team’s abilities are unknown. A weak Spartan team, sure go to it. A strong Spartan team, I’m yoinked! almost no matter what if I’m caught alone. And that is on top of Reach’s more team-orientated gameplay to boot.

As far as the DMR being stronger than the NR, I disagree. Shot for shot, yes the DMR is stronger. However their individual blooms and projectile/hitscan natures makes them nearly equal in combat strength. I believe it is a player’s style of map-control that determines which is better, the NR or DMR.
If you play big maps and keep distance, or are a more patient corridor/corner user, hell ya the DMR. It will damage vehicles too if the need arises.
If small maps are being used, the NR looses its long-range handicap. If you’re a more active map mover or tend to be in the open more often, darn tooting the NR is a great choice. It doesn’t really help against vehicles unless they’re heavily damaged.