Should there be a Halo 3 odst game spinof?

This could potentaly be a verry good story it could be called ODST 2 insurrection or somthing it would be cool to hear the backstory behind rookie and the others . what do you think?

I think it’d be really interesting to play as Buck during the Fall of Reach. Getting to see the fall of Reach from an ODSTs perspective along with other normal humans like marines would give a whole new feeling to it. Spartans are made to be composed in hellish situations like that so you really couldn’t get a grasp on how the average person would respond to a glassing. Maybe even get to experience the time where Noble 6 assists Buck in New Alexandria!

I’d like to see a campaign through the eyes of a marine during the invasion of one of the many colonies that the covenant glassed and destroyed

hell yeah, one that takes place during the fall of reach or battle for earth would be amazing

Absolutely, Halo 3 ODST was one of the greatest Halo games in my opinion. It gives Halo such a different angle, because instead of being able to kill hundreds of enemies with ease, you actually feel vulnerable and a sense of caution as an ODST might in reality. I would definitely be down for a spinoff, maybe through the eyes of a new squad of ODSTs, possibly either during Reach or the war against the Insurrection.

Most definitely. But on one condition…
In this game you need to truly feel like your playing as an ODST/non-supersoldier. Even with the various few changes they made in the first ODST it just felt like more of a re-skin. I don’t mind if you have a ‘stamina’ system for your health like in the past game but there should be lots of key differences in gameplay mechanics between Spartans and ODSTs. Going back to health, Spartans ‘life points’ will completely recharge after a few seconds just like they do in 2, 3, 4, and 5 but ODSTs health points will not recharge. Meaning you’ll likely have to seek out health packs, basically being like CE, ODST, and Reach. Spartans should have infinite sprint while an ODST has limited sprint at best (like Halo 4) and no sprint at worst. Spartan can carry practically everything, while an ODST is mostly limited to just Human weapons as some Covenant and Forerunner weapons would be too heavy or unwieldy for them. They also shouldn’t be able to unmount and walk with a turret. Out of the weapons ODSTs can use there should be noticeably more recoil as oppose to Spartans who have practically no recoil with any of the weapons. For example, in the Halo games you don’t so much as flinch when firing a sniper shot but as an ODST you should experience recoil and be encouraged to either crouch or lay prone to efficiently use the weapon and most weapons for that matter! Reloading your weapons as an ODST should noticeably feel a little slower as well. As an ODST you need a drop pod but Spartans don’t even need that and can just drop using their thrusters and tough armor! You wouldn’t be able to board enemy controlled vehicles and of course, ODSTs couldn’t ground-pound or Spartan-charge either!
The list could go on but those I believe are all the major points that would really make you feel you were playing a true ODST game!
Sure, it should have a unique story but if the gameplay isn’t unique or that amazing then it kinda makes the story not worth going through. After all, this is a video game.