Should the XP weekend playlist return?

Now that Halo has brought back the XP system, why not bring back Halo 3’s Double XP Weekend playlist with Rocket Hogs, Rocket race, and other classics? I think this would be great as the leveling system isn’t that grand and it’d be helpful and fun at the same time!

I’d like to see the classic playlists come back, but I don’t think Double XP is necessary. It’s ridiculously easy to level up in this game as it is.

Nah I dont think so.

i think its a great idea. always looked forward to dbl xp on a weekend back in the days


Far to easy to rank and those playlists shouldn’t come in before a social set and a ranked set is established and separated, griffball and zombies is fun and all but not so much for my kd, just ask it.

Classic playlists sure, but as of now it’s incredibly easy to rank up. I’m SR94 and with the weekly challenges ranging from 10000 to 30000 xp getting to 130 will be a breeze.