Should the Spartan charge be addressed?

I’m curious to know if anyone else thinks the Spartan Charge should be addressed a bit. I feel as if people are starting to manipulate it a bit too much. I am for keeping it, but there should be some kinda penalty for using it. Maybe a loss of shields or something. Am I being too picky here? Is it just me?

Too picky. It’s not overpowered, at least not outright. What needs to be adjusted with regard to it is the radar range. In my opinion, specifically, the radar’s range for sensing fast moving targets.

scrubs be spartan charging me on a daily…it gets annoying I’d like to see it removed completely

It’s a pretty clutch move, at least it’s a little more ‘odd’ to activate in the air, it’s not like the tracking death knee in destiny.

I got my commendation for it, but I also love all things melee, but I don’t think it’s too OP. Just stop wasting your dash for move speed/distance and use it for the OH shoot moments when you need to get away fast.

often times i have full shields and spartan charge someone who just melees me back once and i die…i think its balanced and pretty sweet that you clock someone in the ear hole like a WR doing a crack block on a LB

I don’t think it needs to be changed at all. I rarely see people use it effectively. Most of the time they charge right by me and I kill them.

I like it. It offers a good way of offensively defending yourself if you happen to sprint around a corner straight into an enemy. And another good way to inflict wins. But it can also make you a big target, and I have had (very annoying) instances where I managed to charge right past my target and then I was the target. It makes for some interesting dynamics.

Of all the new abilities, this one is my least favorite. It definitely should not be one hit. Its also inconsistent, and doesn’t work sometimes. Not that I dislike it, but I don’t really care for it either.

I used to hate Spartan Charge, but now I love it because I use it kill unsuspecting victims. It even helps out in regular combat because I can Spartan Charge an enemy, take out their shields, and shoot them in the face. I have way too much fun with that ability.

The problem with spartan charge is actually the RADAR. with the old radar spartan charges would be a lot less likely to happen because you could see it coming. What they have done with radar has completely changed the way people play. Halo never had campers to any degree. Now they are in every game type. You have to look like you are crossing a street every time you step out in the open. Very much like Battlefield and COD in that respect.

It needs a longer activation time thats about it. 2 seconds for an offensive ability is absurd when the defense one is 5-6.