Should the reclaimer trilogy have Animated prequels?

DC is pulling off several animated direct-to-dvd films every year. They are generally very good. I’m guessing DC is making money off of them since they haven’t stopped making them.
Do you think 343i should do the same for the Reclaimer Trilogy? One for each game that serves as a prequel to set up a bit of the storyline for it? Or to explain what events have happened in between?
For an example, how about if First Strike was animated instead of a book. This would have explained a couple of things for people who didn’t read the books. Such as Johnson surviving, and how the Chief got back to Earth.

The fewer extended universe creations, the better, as far as I’m concerned. The franchise is already swollen with offshoots and spinoffs; I’d like to see the focus and the resources put back on the games themselves.

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Cool. So what’s your NEXT thread going to be about?


No need to be like that, he can make all the threads he wants. And I have seen him on here a lot and he is making some good ideas.

I would like to see some animated “prequel” videos to tell the stories leading up to the start of Halo 4’s story, and maybe some animated videos in between the end of Halo 4’s story, and the start of Halo 5’s. Pick up where the books left off or left out, and kind of tie things to gather, and set things up.

It’s not a bad idea, that said, what Marvel and Warner Bros/DC do have is SEVERAL universes and if something doesn’t fit in with the existing canon it’s just written off as “Oh that’s it’s own stand alone story”. All Marvel movies don’t exist inside the same canon as the original Marvel Universe or even the Ultimate Universe. DC does the same thing with their animated movies, and while the Watchmen prequels are suppose to tie-in with the book, Alan Moore is strongly against them and even the movies made of his previous titles.

A prequel? Play the Covenant trilogy. There’s your prequel mate.