Should the Plasma Launcher Return?

I don’t know about you guys, but I loved the Plasma Launcher in Halo Reach. I loved using it. It was like a covenant version of the Missile Pod. Do you guys think it should return?

I think not. The FRC more effective weapon at destroying vehicles, etc. so I don’t see the point.

Laser > Blue Berry Gun
All day

The Covenant need some sort of homing weapon, the Plasma Launcher did a good job of that. I’d like to see it return.

The Reach BETA launcher, yes. I liked how you had to be behind cover yesterday or you’d get stuck. The retail version wasn’t nearly as threatening for a power weapon.

If they made it worth picking up then maybe.

Sure, the Plasma Launcher should come back, if they beef it up and make the projectiles faster and better at tracking targets.

The Plasma Launcher is perfect for long range sneak attacks on vehicles. It NEEDS to return!

looks at the Incinerator Cannon

Nah, blue berries and it’s nerfed lock on can stay in Reach IMO.

If it could lock onto multiple targets that would be awesome