Should the MK50 sidekick zoom be changed?

In general I love the weapon, it is very fun to use and its use reminds me a lot of the M6D, but it became very useless when using the zoom, the side effect did not suit it at all, it was the only weapon in flight in which I could observe that effect, the rest had a classic-modern zoom that suited it very well, which causes it to feel very bad in contrast.

I didn’t like the aiming hud that most if not every gun with out a scope had, I found it very jarring. I prefer the simple scope sights we had before for the pistol.
But more importantly the increase range you got while using the aiming hud makes me pretty sad. I don’t know why we should get more accuracy for using it. my example being the needler. when aiming in with it makes the tracking goes further than it would have otherwise.

I haven’t really figured out whether I hate it or love it at this point in regards to the optics. Although I do love the weapon with the reload speed and all, it just feels right.

I think it’s too effective at range personally.