Should The Grifball Local Player Number Be Raised To 4?

I love Grifball and so do most of my friends. It’s very team oriented and has a great sporty feel to it.

I have one problem with the gametype though, and that is that Grifball only allows you to have 2 local players in your party. This means only two controllers per xbox can play at a time.

I can’t hop on with 3 other friends on the same Xbox and play Grifball. The current set has us taking turns with two of us teamed up with two randoms taking on 4 other random people.

Most other gametypes that have teams of 4 i.e. Team Slayer, Team Swat or even Rumble Pit allow 4 local players at a time.

Why is this?

I would love to see the Grifball Max Local Players number raised to 4 so more of my friends and I can enjoy it at one time.

Who’s with me?

Couldn’t tell you exactly why they did it, but it was Bungie who made the decision to set it is as two local players. It’s something we’ll likely try to discuss with them when we update the playlist again.

There are a couple other things we’re hoping we can change as well, if it’s even possible.

I agree four would be awesome. The only reason I see why they won’t is because it might be a boosting issue.