Should the Gauss Hog have Damage Drop-Off?

Simple question, Personally I think it should. Being able to instantly kill a players from the other side of the map with one shot is a little ridiculous. Every single time I play Exile (which is a lot thanks to fools voting for it) I seem to get killed by the Gauss Hog from way across the map. There is no indication if it’s aiming at you or it’s charging or what-ever. It’s just BOOM! and you are dead.

For those of you who don’t know Damage drop-off is where the projectile does less damage the further it travels. i.e. At close-Mid range it would still be an instant kill but at longer ranges it would take a few more hit to kill.

Of course It’s a matter of opinion and I don’t expect anything to be changed, I just think The gauss hog needs a damn Nerf.