Should The Covenant Carbine Be Buffed (New)

Hello,I just wanted to get the community’s input for this. I think the Covy Carbine should have a one to two bullet buff on its kill time with all headshots. Think about this: The reality of you landing every shot a headshot with any gun is slim. With the carbine’s low damage, missing one or two shots is crucial. I know people can say I jgst need to get better, but I want you to try to go into several matches and get killing frenzies with the gun. Its very difficult, and while i have gotten several of them, and even an untouchable medal, I can assure you its a lot easier with the DMR or Light Rifle. I dont want to have them go through many changes, the game feels great, just that simple buff that would give the carbine the mid range edge it needs. The range on it isnt great either(for those who havent used it)I think that will make it the deadly mid range weapon it was intended to be. Don’t misunderstand my poll for being demanding, I just want the community who disagrees with me to try and then still see if they do. Also note that I dont want the the DMR or Light Rifle to change, jsut the carbine. Also, please leave a comment letting me know what I can do to improve my posts. This is the new and improved poll of my last covy carbine poll. Thanks…

I voted for a 1-round buff. Anything more, and it becomes borderline OP I think, but I certainly agree it needs a buff.

As for giving you tips on your post…that’s a wall to read man. Use some spacing, paragraphs. Even if there was only one break in that wall, it would have been easier to read.

I actually think all it needs is a slight buff to it’s bullet magnetism so it’s competitive midrange. If it’s close range TTK got any faster it would completely dominate everything else up close. It only struggles in longer range engagements because it’s so much less accurate.

Increase fire rate to that of the Boltshot, instead of increasing damage.

The covy carbine is my favorite weapon and actually i out play alot of dmrs and brs in mid range combat. The carbine could do with about 1 bullet buff however.

6 headshot kill

I love the Carbine, it is my favorite Rifle since Halo 2. I would love for it to be buffed up. Seeing it be the weakest rifle is disappointing. 343 brings back all of the rifles, but (can’t believe I’m saying this word) nerfing my favorite one is sad…still using it though.

I like the covy carabine now , but i think this need a buff , because the BR is more powerfull vs a Carbine

I’m a Carbine user and I think it should be a 7-shot kill.

After a day a playing with the carbine, I personally did very well, mostly getting most kills. I must thank you all for posting, and please, spread the word. No matter what, 14-15 people arent going to make a change. We need more. Post this link where ever you can. I still think it needs a slight buff, that way we users will have a dominant 95% of the time weapon in mid to close range(Out Of The Rifles)

The Buff Can Be Done. And I can assure you, It Will. Now Let’s Go Out There And Change Something.