Should Team Action Sack be altered?

I can’t help but feel at the moment Team Action Sack is okay, but still needs improving. Like the ordnance and use of any kit you have in fiesta kind of ruins it. I for example had nothing good and re-rolled, got an incineration cannon then died.

My suggestion is, should Team Action Sack or later even FFA Action Sack (If it get’s introduced) have the following:

Maps and Modes by the users: Such as random trucks, levels 4, ice cream man and so on
Nostalgia Modes: Where things like Fiesta are how they where in Halo 3 and Reach. Spawn with randoms and infinite ammo, want a better gun then pick up what your enemy had.
Retro Modes: Possibly modes from Halo 3 and Reach. Like hockey, football, skeeball, That mode in halo 3 where the team in the sky tried to kill the team below (Forget it’s name)

Maybe even just fun things like that, heck even a reskinned gravity hammer to look like a golf club or so for skeeball or such.

I’m not saying anything is bad, but that’s just my opinion on what can help liven it up.

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