Should sprint be a part Halo

Not considering the campaign, do you believe sprint should remain in Halo? removing sprint would also include removing the sprint related abilities (I.e. sliding). If you believe it should stay please comment letting me know the reason. Thank you!

  • Sprint should be removed entirely
  • Sprint should stay

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It’s complicated. Advanced movement has been in the competitive Halo scene long enough that “pro” players would slander the already-mud-dragged name of 343 Industries if they removed it entirely, but I do think that there could be benefit to just having it disabled-- at least in certain modes.

Then again, the only thing making Sprint useful in this game is the Slide mechanic. The 10% speed increase is marginal at best and useless at worst, making Slide the only foreseeable benefit of doing it in the first place.

Really? I would contend that you could keep sprint and actually just disable slide in certain modes, practically achieving the same desired effect of just removing sprint entirely. Maybe we’ll see some of that in the CGB, whenever it comes around.

I like the current system where it is. You are trading reaction time for a slight and equal increase in mobility. It’s just enough where it can get you going somewhere quicker but also just enough that if you run into an enemy who is ready they have a tactical advantage.

Yeah, and I agree. Just thought I’d play devil’s advocate for my first remark.

I think sprint was a great addition and natural evolution for Halo.
I’m not a fan of making sprint mostly useless in Infinite. I really like how 120% sprint speed feels in customs. I wish I could modify sprint speed in the campaign too.

I hope you’re kidding because not 1 single pro player or comp player would want sprint if we had the choice. This is another person speaking about a group of people they know nothing about and I hear resentment in this post due to not being as good as the pro players.


You really got them there by putting “” around their status as players that you will never achieve

Well, you got me on a lack of perspective. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess, and I probably would’ve flipped the argument around.

As for my take on professional players? I don’t care what kind of ad hominem you sprinkle onto it; I won’t revoke my stance or elaborate on it. It’s not a part of this discussion.

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Yes it should stay, its a part of Halo today.
You can still play without sprinting if you like, and there are advantages and disadvantages to use it.
I think the sprint in Halo Infnite is well balanced but it was OP in Halo 5.

Sprint as it exists today should stick around. Heck, they should consider removing the brief delay for firing out of sprint from ALL weapons, right now it’s only removed for non-power weapons.

I’d even advocate for them removing the sprint button, and having you simply autosprint when you are moving forward and not shooting. The extra button just kind of makes movement more tedious than it needs to be, and this way we still have access to slide.

Sprint as it existed before Infinite should never come back though.

Absolutely. They should remake halo 3 - ground up remake. Then everyone who doesn’t want sprint can go play that.

Perhaps at this point 343i can make an FPS game unrelated to halo entirely and I can play a shooter that is better than that which is tied down by legacy and nostalgia.

Sorry not sorry

From my experience sprint just makes people that use it easier to kill. I think people run with their heads down, pay less attention and have slower reaction time then those that are not sprinting.

Is that before or after they pick the rockets up from spawn?

No - they have the same reaction time

None of the above. Sprint if anything should have been how Halo Reach was set up.

With how the maps are designed in Infinite it’s way to easy to fly through most maps from one side to the other among other things.