Should Req Loadouts be Added to Warzone?

Warzone is a fantastic new game-mode for Halo, but when you’ve reached 100+ rank in H5 most players will have more req options then they know what to do with. There are dozens of loadout weapons available, and choosing what to equip can take valuable game-time and even get you killed.

Basic loadout sets would fix this issue, and save players from the lag and frustration of having to sort through their entire collection of weapons each and every warzone game. What I’m proposing would look something like this:
Tab1: [Loadout Weapons]
Tab2: [Customized Loadouts]
Tab3: [Vehicles]

Req2 Loadout: Extended Mag Pistol/Recon AR
Req3 Loadout: Longshot BR/Classic BR
Req4 Loadout: Longshot BR (Kinetic)/Classic BR (Silenced)
Req5 Loadout: Longshot BR (Kinetic)/Recon SMG

What do you guys think?

Needs implementing asap

Make it so!!

The loadout should have been there from the beginning. Or they should make the req system less laggy… It sucks waiting and waiting for things to load. With having everything, yet only using 3-4 weapons all the time, loadouts should be there.