Should recon be hard as nails to get?

As much as I loved it in Halo: Reach, it wasn’t that special, in halo 4 It should (In my opinion.) be unlocked by a series of hard achievements. What do you think?

I think 343 are adopting there own helmet and not one that was previous special.

As much as I would like it though I doubt recon will be that special any more.

They should make it you have to have at least 80% of the achievements on the other Halo games. (Not including Halo 2 PC)

Yes, but have a new armour set instead.

Halo CE didn’t have achievements.

> Halo CE didn’t have achievements.

Anniversary did.

> Halo CE didn’t have achievements.

It didn’t have Recon ether what’s your point?

(Whilst CEA did have achievements)

> > Halo CE didn’t have achievements.
> Anniversary did.

Good point.

There should definitely be a set of armour that is difficult to obtain, but I don’t want it to be recon, recon has already been done, it should be something new.

I think a new hard to get armour set would be better.

I’ve personally always been a fan of an exclusive set of community armour.

Heck, I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for Recon back in Halo 3. Recon encouraged me to do something crazy. It started me making YouTube videos.

So needless to say, I wholeheartedly approve of an exclusive set of armour.

Recons been around for a while. Really, the oldest armours should be the easiest to attain.

> I think a new hard to get armour set would be better.

I agree with this. All of the armour we’re familiar with and accustomed to should be default or among the easiest to get. This encourages people to want to try to earn the new types of armour, and hence increases interest in them. I would love to see a new set of armour which would be are and hard to achieve; kind of like how Recon used to be.

Well I think it looked awesome in Halo Reach with the add ons to the helmet. It looked too plain in H3. And it seems to be even more customizable than in Reach.

There should be a new set of armor that is highly sought after. This is a new game after all. In a new trilogy. With new developers.

I think anything exclusive armor wise is fun so long as it’s tied to something like the vidmasters. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be recon, it can be anything.