Should PVE FireFight reward REQ

Do you guys think REQ should be awarded with PVE Firefight?

Why / why not?

Of course! Especially if we’re going to be using the REQ system.

Absolutely! There is no reason not to reward it, just like firefight in reach.

Is this even a question? Ofc it should. Some people simply dont like pvp but would still like to earn packs. Not to mention since it is warzone we need some way to repay the reqs we use.

Yes, they should also be offered for campaign missions

Absolutely. You put REQs into it, so it better damn well return the investment. Not to mention the REQ system is completely RNG, if Firefight doesn’t reward you, it would literally be a pointless exercise. The fact you earn no RP from campaign only hurts it that too. Remember in Reach where Legendary campaigning could net casual players some XP to be able to purchase the armor they wanted without slagging it out in PVP? It made the campaign far more replayable. Anyway, yes. Definitely. It should most certainly reward us. Especially since that after it launches, I will be playing a TON of it -if it doesn’t suck turkey feces, that is.

yes why not?