Should promo content be made available in shop or other vectors response

I believe all the promotional coatings should be made available either through event or store.

I believe plenty of warning was given about the coatings being exclusive for only 6 months. Additionally most people probably bought and returned products for the promo codes. (I dont blame them it would cost over $1,000 to acquire them all at base price).

Additionally many people namely your average scalper prob bought promos in mass to gain high profits selling promo codes on ebay and doing mass returns.

So I believe promo coatings should be made available through other means as mentioned above

this is in response to ske7ch

feel free to post your own views.

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I believe they’re going to eventually make similar coatings out of most of the promotion ones in due time. They’ve already done several already, like my RockStar Black and Gold Coatings for the Hogs, has like 2 variants that are similar already. The AR too I believe.

Nocturne Sky - RockStar Promo
Aureate Midnight - Purchasable Alternative that looks very similar

These are the two I’m talking about.

Also, why is there another thread on this when someone posted one before hand? Why can’t we keep :poop: in a single thread?

I’m cool with having the promos in the store at some point in the future but with the hard exception of watchdog. And I mean a HARDDDDD exception at that.

The 152s earned that sucker, fixed or not and I’ll find a new level of rage if they made the watchdog available for not completing the task it represents.

But everything else that’s a result of a purchase, sure!

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that is more of a thank you/ achievement not promo

It’s 343…do you believe the difference?


but yeah 152 would obv be out of the question all other coatings are fair game

They did it with the watchdog weapons coating for HCS…and I lost it

that suckssssssssssss

The point I often like to make is that the people who want these items are just going to buy codes on eBay regardless. So the money might as well go to the devs instead of a random stranger.

The threads get buried. So we usually end up having to make new ones.

I mean 1 eBay listing right now for Monster skins is like around $4,000AuD so I kinda hope so

this was a twitter post response specifically but in forums

On the one hand I think all those coatings should be available in the shop or from reward drops. On the other hand: THIS WOULDN’T BE AN ISSUE IF WE DIDN’T HAVE THIS WEIRD COATING SYSTEM!

Many people posted this already on these forums, so I’m not taking any credits for this. But coatings should just be armor patterns. And all colors should be free for everybody. Scorpion Punch for example should just be a pattern for a clean coating with a colored right arm. It shouldn’t be just a gray coating with an orange/red arm. You should be able to pick every single color you want.

Wild Kovan should just be a camouflage coating. White Tiger should just be a striped coating. Pick whatever colors you want.

For me personally the only reason I would love to have either Deadly Poison, Red Shift or Action Block is because they are 100% clean undamaged coatings. 97% of all armor coatings in Halo Infinite look like they’ve been thrown off a muddy mountain a few times before they hit the store. The only coatings that don’t look like that are the exclusives and the HCS coatings.

I feel most problems with the coating system will get fixed once they’re cross core, we have dirt/clean, used/new sliders and coatings just become patterns and all colors are free.

If they were honestly interested in not creating FOMO, there would be zero timed exclusives in the game.

If you make an entertaining game, you don’t have to pull people back in through timed events and cosmetics.

All that said, colors should be free, I’ll never pay for a color.

halo infinite is a draining chore with having both events and weeklies namely the weeklies make it a draining trash chore

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Hopefully the new CEO will give the devs a new direction regarding customization that makes sense.

I get the feeling he’s like that. 343 reversed the decision on the purchasable Spartan points after he got in, so I feel he might not have agreed with that from the start and was the first thing he changed in MCC.

Hopefully he’ll treat infinite in the same way