Should players be able to make custom FF maps

I think this could be great whether it be waves or just one set of enemies. (Btw FF is short for fire fight because i couldn’t fit it in the title)

I’m a gigantic Firefight evangelist here on the forums, and I regularly assert that a Forgeable Firefight mode would be an absolute godsend for this series! It’d five the community an entirely new and huge avenue to create and engage with the game, and add countless hours of replayability to it on and offline.

All that being said; I’m a bit concerned that a lot of us, myself included, are getting too hyped up on this idea. There isn’t even solid indication that Firefight (real Firefight rather than WZ Firefight) will make a comeback in Infinite. It seems like a no-brainer to those of us who loved it in ODST and/or Reach, but for whatever reason 343i hasn’t thought of it as an important or integral piece in the Halo puzzle. It’s been practically a decade since we had a real Firefight mode.

I really think 343i should bring it back for Infinite, but I thought the same thing for Halo 4 and 5. Obviously there’s been a disconnect in what I and a number of other gamers have seen as important aspects of Halo and what 343i has determined the future of the series will be.

So I say we continue to voice our thoughts and wishes for Firefight on the forums, I just want to make sure we all have reasonable expectations that it very possibly won’t even come back, yet again.

Overall, though, I do think they’re leaving a goldmine of player goodwill on the table if they don’t bother to bring FF back at all; and eschewing adding Forge support would be another huge missed opportunity. Understanding that it’s certainly not a small ask.

FF Forge would be a godsend, along with Forgeable AI, because then imagine the possibilities… Floodfight, a survival horror version of Firefight but with limited ammo where you have to hide from Prometheans, Covenant vs Marines, it’s endless.

Would be cool to be able to do this. I wonder if FF will even be in the game though. If it is will be like H5 or more like Reach? I’m hoping more like Reach.

I’m still hoping for an actual map editor like Halo Custom Edition. Then you could make a fully custom firefight map. But a forge option would also be good, for those who don’t want to dive that deep into game design.