Should Objective Gamemodes Be Included In The New Ranked Doubles Playlists?

  • Yes
  • No

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Explain your decision with either choice.

Personally, I’d love to see objective game types in the ranked doubles playlist.

No, there is no point.

2 players is too little to form any rotational strategies because in most cases, the objectives are too many for 2 players to cover without potentially exposing yourself to a 2v1, and if you lower the number of objectives, it’s just gonna end up as 2v2 Slayer as less objectives = more chances for both teams to meet due to the objectives pulling players to it.

Say you take Strongholds as an example:

3 Zones, 2 v 2 but most doubles will just stick 2 v 2 and cover each zone. You split up and get caught, congratz you just lost zone control for 8s while leaving your other team mate to die 2v1, and if the enemy staggers your respawn with your partner’s, congratz you just lost the round.


Yes, but i think doubles should have new objective game modes specifically for doubles to where if your teammate drops out there’s still a good chance a skilled player can win.

Oddball is one of them, so that can stay, I’ve managed to win a bunch of games in doubles in the past when having the lead and my teammate quit and, won a quite a few when I was behind after a team mate quit.

King Of The Hill is another as long as it has the moving hill.

Neutral Flag is iffy but I like CTF game modes so Im bias toward that.

A game type similar to CoD’s mode where you collect dog tags would work. I think this should be added period.

And maybe make some fresh brand new types as well.


I really enjoy neutral CTF game modes in previous Halo games. A moving king of the hill would be pretty solid as well to include in the playlist.

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I wouldn’t mind a mix of Slayer and Objective Doubles. The game modes would have to be revamped a little bit for 2v2 obviously.

I thought Roaming King and Neutral Flag was awesome. I’d love to see those modes come back to all of matchmaking in general.

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Halo 2 did it very well! OBJ and Slayer!

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Oddball would work well, I think. Other objective modes less so, but could work with some tweaking and even custom forge maps.

Remember 1 flag CTF? That was my favorite game mode on Lockout for 2v2 or on Ivory Tower!

Yes, objective should be in this playlist!

I think CTF and KotH would still work ok in 2v2. A VIP mode could be cool too