Should MS advertise the books, comics more?

Alot of complaints from casual Halo players for Guardians was there were many characters, plot points, and objects from other corners in the fiction. A part of me understands where they are coming from, as the mainstream community knows just the games and expect things will be explained in the game. However, the other major side of me says that MS should advertise the books, comics more. For me, it’s not the Halo games and the EU (I don’t call it the EU), for me it’s called a single living organism, the Halo Universe. For me, MS needs to seriously advertise the books and comics much more, as they can tell people outside of the lore heavy fanbase that major things in the story will occur and not leave people confused. Would you like for MS to advertise the books and comics much more?

Yes I would like them to promote the other mediums more. But, Before they do they better get a new person to oversee the EU. Things right now don’t coordinate well and Escalation was just a total waste of time. Experiences like that will turn people off. It does Not seem as though they have a good coordinator or plan to move this franchise forward.

I think that ms ahould work with partners in the book and comic community and pitch there books to a wider audiance. But i think the major draw back at the moment is the perseption from the external community. When you are emersed and involved with the fiction it awsome and you realise that there are a lot of well written books and good comics that take place inside the halo universe. But from the outside it all appears to be second rate “game books” that have no talent or substance put into them. When the reality is quite the opposite. I think that if ms could over come this barrier then they would be able to advertise there books without fear of appearing to advertise a second rate product. As i said before. If ms worked with people in the book and comic communities and they started to advertise them as well constucted stories then i belive that the books and other fiction in the universe will become emensly popular.

P.S i apologise for the lack of punctuation. I wrote this as a constant stream of thought so the sentances are quite long. Please read in your head. I dont want to kill any body

The problems with this are that.

  • Most casual game players wouldn’t care. - People are inherently lazy, an example would be that they would rather watch a 60 minute version of Fall of reach rather than read a Ten hour long book version. - Some players only like Master chief, a book without master chief to them would be instantly bad from there point of view. - Most people might have a general interest in possibly reading the books but the effort required to read them might put them off.But I honestly believe they should at least try, that way the non lore fans actually know there are other options available.

Most halo fans already know the books exist. Not buying them is their own business.