Should Microsoft "Batgirl" Halo Infinite and put all their energy into trying again with Halo 7?

As a CEO myself of my own company that I started in 2016 that now has 33 employees in the U.S. and 47 employees in India, I know how bad f-ups can be and how re-branding can literally save the day.

I am thoroughly impressed with Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav who has recently come into the company and is making the hard decisions that are needed to correct the horrors that have been made at DC Comics media. You may or may not be aware he canceled the Batgirl movie which cost $90 million due to horrific test audience scores of 96% disapproval. He saw the movie himself and said it was one of the cheapest and worst-made movies that he had ever seen, and called it an absolute embarrassment to the studio.

Essentially, he forced DC media to scrap everything and start a new with a 10-year plan. Said quality over quantity and that money would not be the driving force in their DC movies from then on.

You see THAT is a business leader.

With as damaged as the Halo brand is especially the Halo Infinite brand, it may be time for Halo Infinite to get the Batgirl treatment as well as a major shakeup with the brass. If I was the CEO I would evaluate all of the content that has been created so far and see if it is worth salvaging. If it is then push it to 2025 and ditch the Halo Infinite title completely. Bury it and put it in the past.

Re-launch the franchise in 2025 with the classic Halo experience total package is the price of a regular game. DLC like the old days which I think would be appealing to new players. Apex Legends is doing it and millions of people are buying up their content and playing every day.

I would also require new campaign content every 12-18 months. That’s how you keep the entire community coming back. 3-4 month seasons and 12-month campaign content. That’s a live service game right there! You could maintain that business model for a decade easily.

Anyway, what do you all think? Is it time for Microsoft to “Batgirl” Halo Infinite?


Yes. This time leave Xbox One out.

Edit: Microsoft should just “batgirl” 343 and hand Halo to another studio.


No. That’s just going to set things back more so than they already are.

They just need to fix the game. That’s it.


Not until they find another developer. 343 has proven that they dont have the resources or knowledge to build a great halo game that the fans (whether new or old) deserve


What would you suggest then? Fix the game isn’t going to bring back the millions of players that they have lost. Would you agree with a hard relaunch?


The point of fixing the game is to build the playerbase back up to the point where it’s healthy and full of satisfied players. That in turn will push those players to tell others about Halo and get it popular again.

That’s a far more simpler solution than praying that the next 6 years of development goes well enough that history doesn’t repeat itself.


There’s two big issues with Halo Infinite. First, is the Xbox One. Whatever works on the Series X/S, needs to be tuned so it works on the One. I would wager and say that the majority of people still playing Xbox own an Xbox One instead of a Series X/S, but the limits of the One in turn limits what can be done with Halo Infinite.

The other issue are the bugs and glitches. On PC, the game feels terrible to play, in a way that Halo MCC does not feel bad to play. MCC actually feels really fluid and fun to play on PC. Issues affecting all platforms are desync and netcode issues causing lag. Those need to be ironed out, and if 343 took six months and devoted what little staff they have left to fixing that, they can move on to other things.

Unfortunately for 343, this is a live-service game. Which means that content needs to be pushed out regularly to keep people playing, and it’s obvious that six month seasons do not work. The content issues can be alleviated somewhat by the introduction of Forge, but Xbox One rears its ugly little head again and throws a spanner at more complex maps getting put into matchmaking because it may make the game harder to play on Xbox One.

Halo Infinite needed a good launch if it was going to be live service. It came out the gate crippled and barely functional. I personally am in the camp of Infinite getting canned and development of a new Halo game being given to ID or even the Call of Duty teams so it can at least be functional, but we don’t live in a perfect world.

Here’s hoping that Infinite can pull a No Man’s Sky, but I’m anticipating an Anthem at this point.


Absolutely none of the news coming out of WB Discovery right now is good news that anyone should be emulating.

You need to reexamine your sources and your life if you have come to the conclusion that Zazlav shelved batgirl or any other numerous projects because of audience testing. This isn’t some bold executive fighting against the sunk cost fallacy, its the result an old out of touch white man who actively dislike the type of content that WB produces, IE scripted TV and movies, especially if it involves minorities. Basically anything that’s not “reality” TV.

We are talking about a man who’s claim to fame is popularizing “Honey Boo Boo.”

He’s Don Mattrick on steroids.

If MS and Xbox were run like Zazlav is running WB, not only would Infinite be shelved, but the entire franchise would be shelved and pulled from both physical and digital store shelves until someone else who is actually sensible takes over the company.

This post is effectively: “What if we destroyed Xbox because I don’t like this one particular product”

What is happening at WB is not good for creators, consumers, or the company itself.


No, fix the current game!

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Don’t think so, I’d take forever for a new game. Infinite is really just a year of major update away from being something special imo.


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That not even remotely what he was saying, btw. Regardless, can we go back to talking about Halo?

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No that is what he just said.
(its the result an old out of touch white man)

So if he had said, “an old black man” what would your response have been then?


Oh god. We’re not even supposed to be talking about topics like this to begin with. Can we all simply ignore the WB part and focus on the halo part?

I can guarantee you that this thread will end up getting locked for 4 hours over and over again.

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Sure, that’s why. Lol. lmao.

I’m not talking about this further. I clearly see where this thread is going and I don’t like it.

I honestly should’ve seen this coming. That WB debacle is a hot topic on twitter. All talking about it here will do is start a flame war.


Probably not because that would take 3 to 5 years minimum. Whatever happens from here on out is on Microsoft for not stepping in, and 343 was built by them from the ground up. They’d have to scrap the entire studio.

If they can’t re-release it for Mature audience, then sure, screw this game and make the next one.


No, that’s a terrible idea.

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