Should Mark V [B] just be gifted to all players?

Seeing as this week’s ultimate is a visor for Mark V [B], wouldn’t it make sense to just gift all players that core? Or even just MCC players.
This would help solve a few issues including: limited customization for first time players, lack of armor for Mark V [B], and CQB being a missing helmet. How would it help CQB? Just replace the Mark V [B] slot with CQB (or any of the other missing helmets).
A fourth option could be for shop buyers only. I originally proposed this idea as only being for those who bought armor for the Mark V [B] but didn’t have the pass. And it could be possible to make this apply to all cores. Instead of needing to grind up to Rakshasa in the battlepass, you merely have to buy what you want from the store. Perhaps the game will only give you the components you require (such as if you are missing gloves from the shop item, the game will just give you gloves but not the other components such as a helmet since you already bought one).

So, should Mark V [B] be given out as a free core?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Only for MCC/gamepass users.
  • Only shop items.

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There’s a battle pass in which players can unlock the Armor Core. You can still unlock items for cores that you currently down own (yet).

People have plenty of time to grind out these Battle Passes, and Mark V core is the very first reward.

Except, it costs $10. That’s where the problem comes in. Perhaps a warning for people buying cosmetics in the store without owning the core? Like: You don’t own this core! Are you sure you want to purchase this?


If your problem is $10 for the Battle Pass, while stating people purchase items from the store, then those people should stop for a second and think about what they’re doing.

Otherwise, purchase the Season 2 Battle Pass, that will unlock enough credits to purchase Season 1’s Battle Pass.

I do agree that there could be a warning label on store items for cores that you don’t own (yet).
But everything you unlock or purchase, will be there once you unlock the necessary armor core.

I already own both battlepasses. I am currently using Mark V [B] myself as it is the weekly ultimate’s core. But, free players don’t have as much customization. Even Halo 3 had 2 helmets to start you off.

That’s the point though. Free players have fewer options. If you want more, you pay.

The previous games we all paid for up front so nothing was ‘free’.


But it’s ofcourse different if the part of the stuff that is supposed to be freely earned (the weekly rewards) then also only applies on paid stuff… That is a bit of a low point if you ask me.

But this is a good way for 343 to give back to the community. Especially since Mark V [B] is a fan favorite.

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I’m guessing this visor is given out for free despite being for a paid core is because cross core visors and coatings are coming soon


I assume things like that will be made more easily available later on, but not yet.

The visor won’t be free so much as it will work on other cores. If you don’t have the visor already, you don’t get it.

Infinite has been known to be intended as a “live service” game for over a year now, including current advertising.

In live service games no one will ever get everything, and all players will eventually earn something they can’t use without paying $. It’s a known characteristic of live service games and I don’t think anyone it’s going to be shocked

I think every base-core should just be available to every player once it’s introduced. Theoretically, if a player were to join Halo during Season 3 (after Tenrai and Entrenched), they would be unable to unlock those two cores. Sure, they aren’t canon, but that doesn’t mean a new player wouldn’t find them cool.

Mk. 5 [b] and Rakshasa are both available in the S1 and S2 Battlepasses respectively and can always be purchased. So I don’t think that’s too much of an issue. But I think it would be better if the cores were already unlocked and the now available space in the BP was replaced with another Lone Wolves item (some for Heroes of Reach).

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This is why I hate the core system so so so much. It’s confusing people way more than its supposed to be, and it’s not making customization any easier. They should have just 1 main canon core, and then whatever fluff on other cores.

The main core is FULLY customizable, able to choose your undersuit, your armor base (core), and then literally everything designed to go ontop of that.

F2P will only be accessing mostly MK7 armor base, but they have access to any other free cosmetics for the canon core, so it will incentivise them to spend in the store if they see a MKVB shoulders or helmet that they really like for example.

Again, 343’s need for breaking everything up just makes people not wanna spend. This includes the UI of the shop not supporting a catalouge. Why design something which limits what you can offer? People will spend LESS until you put it back up, and if the price is too much to abuse FOMO, people don’t buy it ANYWAY.

Learn from Warframe, have everything up 24/7 365/year. Then have flash sales every now and then to entice spending.

Jesus how is this so hard for their marketing team to understand.

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I wonder how many people who haven’t already played yet would want all of the cores they missed.

Does anyone in the thread not have the core?

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I remember something about someone saying that they wanted Entrenched. They unfortunately missed it by one day. At least it wasn’t Yoroi.

Yeah I’m gonna stop you there - that would mean being transparent and thats not really 343’s brand.

There are still four more weeks of that Fracture event.

I also bet Tenrai comes back and theybjustvadd tiers to the end, so if you’re just starting out you still go through first 30 levels.

It would be bad to have asked everybody to pay for it first time around.

What surprises me is they had Mark VB armour they just haven’t put in Season 1 when there’s a lack of content. :thinking:

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They’d better be coming soon. If they’re ignoring all the network issues to be working on something else it better be effing fantastic.

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It seems like the poll is fairly evenly split. Half of the voters seem to want Mark V [B] to be given away for free in some form, while others don’t.
Another proposition is to make Mark V [B] free for Legendary campaign completionists.