Should Infinite reintroduce the Created as an enemy faction?

By introduce I mean as faction of enemies that you fight in the game. Not cutscene or dialogue based stuff. Technically anything involving Smart AI, including the Weapon is that already.

I think they should because if the intent is to make the game like Destiny with regular story content, then you need to have a lot more story to tell. Destiny has 4 distinct enemy factions with their own goals and agendas. This provides conflicts for the player to resolve and adds variety to the game. To recreate this Halo would need to have more than just the Banished trying to activate a Halo ring. I don’t think you have ten years of story atm.

Banished - Cabal
Endless - Fallen
Flood - Hive
Created - Vex

Now, why not just make the sentinels their own faction if you just want Forerunner robots?

Because there’s not much story to tell with that and it’s a little too disconnected from the story of humanity and our characters. Adjutant Resolution wanting to protect his installation isn’t much to go off for an entire faction. Anything with Mendicant is likely to involve the Flood. Whereas the Created still being a thing is very directly connected with the Chief, the Weapon and the fate of humanity.

Imagine Chief thinking that he failed to protect Cortana but at least saved the Galaxy from the AI. Only to discover that like the Banished they just carried on without their leader and that loss was for nothing? Leonidas in the cutscene seemed pretty fanatical so why wouldn’t they just carry on the cause? It would also create conflict over trusting the Weapon and obviously is very relevant to Cortana as well. It gives them another conflict to resolve.

Plus they have a pretty good excuse with new management to redesign the Prometheans or maybe the Created don’t really use Prometheans and do something entirely different.

I also think from a world building perspective it makes the story more coherent and easier to understand. Why does Atriox want Halo ring; to destroy the Domain. Why has the rest of the UNSC and Banished not found Zeta; because they’re still dealing with the Created. It also means there’s less of a gap in the lore. Infinite reminds you Cortana took over Earth and then…nothing. So nothing changed.

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Having played through Halo 4 recently, and working on playing through Halo 5 at a snails pace the Created are by far two of the worst experiences I’ve had playing against AI in a good long while.

They were so disliked in 4 they had a rework in 5 that didn’t really improve the interactions except maybe reduce the number of knights, which is great because the dismemberment function kinda fell flat in practice.

So please no, leave the Created in the bin of bad ideas that eventually is forgotten when it’s sold at the garage sale.

The Created aren’t the Prometheans. They’re the AI which join Cortana when she takes over the Galaxy. The Prometheans are the army of Forerunner robots she happened to be using.

For all we know they start using sentinels and as you point out they pushed Soldiers much more in Halo 5. It’s notable that the term Promethean isn’t used in Infinite but the Created are referred to. In fact 343 could be really asinine and argue that Soldiers aren’t Prometheans and just remove the Knight.

Having the AI rebellion faction in the story makes sense from a narrative perspective. You’re talking about gameplay and ascetic for which they can do anything they want.

Let’s say they have retconned the faction:

  • How? Explaining that away is more trouble than it is worth. It’s a minefield of plot holes.

  • Did you think the Quarians were evil for killing the Geth?. The UNSC would be committing genocide if they killed all the Created. Most AI joined Cortana per the audio logs.

  • It’s bad writing to retcon a major conflict, cliff hanger and piece of world building. It would be like trying to retcon the Great Schism or High Charity being destroyed because you wanted to keep a unified Covenant. What Gravemind? Cortana was never captured. That’s not good.

  • Why should I take any take any interest in your ongoing narrative if you retcon stuff like that?

  • To me that communicates 343 is going to make very safe stories in which nothing really changes in the world. HW2 oh no they want a Halo ring. Halo Infinite, oh no they want a Halo ring. They themselves in Infinite make the point that there will be consequences for all this stuff; it’s on them to demonstrate that.

So you’d rather have a single faction in Halo Infinite? Because they used precisely this logic as justification for shipping the main game with one faction as a good thing. Cutting content isn’t a virtue.

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