Should I purchase an Elite Controller?

I’m not competitive. I mean, I play to win. But I’m no major league player by far. I just love Halo. And I noticed that they have a button swap set that is Halo themed for the Xbox One Elite Controller. At Gamestop. So, do any of you have any experience with this thing and do you think I should invest in one or save my money?


I have an elite controller, bought it about two months ago. I literally only bought it for playing Halo and that’s the only game (so far) that I use it for. I consider myself as competitive as you can be with TMCC in its semi-functioning state and the elite controller does work very well for playing Halo. The customization is great and aiming with the toggle sticks feels more fluid than with a regular controller.

The price point is pretty high for the elite but it does deliver a much more defined playing experience by being able to remap buttons to perform any function, and the paddles on the back are the main reason why I bought the controller. It’s great to be able to have both my thumbs on the aim/movement sticks almost always. But I do still find myself pressing the regular buttons to reload/jump etc. sometimes, just from the muscle memory of doing it for so many years.

does the elite controller make you a better player overall? No, probably not. My advice to you is if you spend a lot of time playing either MCC or H5 then you’ll probably love the elite. But as far as using it for most other games I think the regular controller works just fine. Like I said I only use mine for halo, but I do plan on using it for DOOM and Gears 4 once those games release as well. So ya, the elite is a great controller, and if you think you’ll get a lot of use out of it id definitely recommend it

All the cool kids are doing it.

Solid controller overall but like others said it wont make you a pro.
The ability to adjust your triggers made it worthwhile for me.

I know it won’t make me a pro. But it’s $130-$150 here. That’s a large sum of money for a controller. And I just need to know if it’s a wise investment for a casual gamer who just loves Halo.


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> I know it won’t make me a pro. But it’s $130-$150 here. That’s a large sum of money for a controller. And I just need to know if it’s a wise investment for a casual gamer who just loves Halo.
> -Ryan

If you want to be the best then yes. If you play for fun then no. I wouldn’t buy it either way. It is not wise to buy it and I suggest you save it. Unless your super rich.

I have one, and honestly it’s only really worth it if you like a hair-trigger and want to change the sticks. Otherwise just keep your current one or get a standard controller.

I love it

I like mine it came with my elite console. Only thing bad about it is that the left thumb stick has broken on it twice already. I also have the Master Chief edition controller and use it just as much as the elite and has yet to break. If you do get I suggest you make sure you have a warranty on it. Other than that the Elite is great, it has some weight to it feels good and and i like that you can preload two different controller settings and switch back and forth between them. I have one configuration for when I play WZ and one for Arena. Hope this helps.

Everyone loves their elites, so I would say yes haha

I love my Elite. Had it since day one it was released. It’s a bit expensive but I love the paddles and it is super comfortable. I would def. buy it again if mine broke.

If you are not into the paddles the Lunar controller has the grip on it. I have that one too, it’s comfy as well. But the elite is better for obvious reasons.

Also, I did buy the Halo button/paddle swap set and I love it. The paddles are smaller than the ones that come with the elite so I love it. I used a coupon that I got with my gamestop points because $50 for the Halo buttons were too much lol.