Should I play this?

My buddies were all playing Anniversary the other night without me (they won it in a bet) and suddenly I got this strange emotion. I think it was jealousy. Anyways, should i buy this, rent this, or borrow it from someone?

Buy it. Buy it now. It’s an awesome remake.

Monday. 10 minute drive to mall. Whip out $40.00. Show I.D. Walk out. 10 minute drive back home. Tell roommates to clear out. Put sock on door handle. Play this till 10 pm. Sleep. Okay, thats what I’m going to do. Tomorrow will be fun.

nah man dont bother with the game there is too many problems with it and it aint worth the stress if you dont believe me check out the 300 threads of complaints gamers have done lol some how that still aint enough for 343 to update the game up to u bud dont say u wasnt warned lol

Its a must buy for nostalgia.

Yes, you should buy it.