Should i make a halo 4 comprihensive guide?

Was thinking of this for a bit, but should i take a shot at making a halo 4 multiplayer guide for new and old players to help them get used to the game?

It would involve a guide to every weapon giving images and statistics to the gun, explain gamemodes, and give experienced players crazy ideas for the weapon sandbox, showing potential for even underestimated guns ( like using the sticky detonator to stick a dropped weapon from a dead player, so when the enemy picks the weapon up, it can explode and kill them instantly, i assume ths will work as stickys can do this in any other halo) and showing map layouts and AA tactics to use.

It would cover.

All weapons
All maps
All AA’s
All armor mods
All grenades
All ordanance

And show in depth ways to use them to their peak ability.

Im not really sure if i want to promise such a huge undertaking, but im sure the community would support a guide that helps new players become more familiar, and old players learn some new sneaky tricks.

So i guess its time to start making some notes on my ipad, and i hope you can give me some pointers in the right direction to find things like kill times for weapons (need these if someone knows them PM me plz)

Thx for reading, im most likily going to start with weapons and AA’s :slight_smile:

I would def use this if you put in everything you say you’re going to. I would recruite some help so you can get it done as soon after release as possible, sounds like a lot of work!

If you’re dedicated enough, go for it man! It would be awesome if you made one

Sounds great, i’d go for it
Always be creative :slight_smile:

Is there a place where i can find the rpm of all weapons in halo?

And im working on the AR right now :slight_smile:

Great idea OP! But that’s a huge task so good luck. ;D

I might post a mock up of the AR guide later :slight_smile:

Halo 4 guide


The weapon guide will be constructed in the same way for every gun. The beginning will give you a overall breifing of the weapon, and the stats will be shown below, and then below the stats, strategy for the gun. Heres a mock up below.

Weapon name

Opening paragraph(s)

Magazine size
Fully auto/semi-auto/burst-fire
Bloom/no bloom


Assault rifle


The assault rifle in halo 4 is in a league of its own when it comes to its predecessors. The sheer power of this weapon is a force to be reckoned with.

But while this weapon may seem like the most super powered monster of a gun you could dream of, like all weapons in halo, it has some drawbacks that, if not considered, can turn it from the lead-spewing demon the assault rifle is, into a poor underwhelming gun that might aswell shoot paper rounds from its barrel.


32 round magazine
Fully automatic
Has heavy bloom
768 RPM
Reload speed: 1.4 seconds

The assault rifle best used from medium to close range, as the bloom expands rapidly when you hold down the trigger. NEVER try to pace your shots with the assault rifle, there is a much better way to use the AR which increases the effectivness of this weapon hugely, which will be explained below.

Closing in: Since bloom counteracts trying to use this weapon at close range (as less bullets will hit your target) always move closer to the player you are shooting.moving into your target means as your bloom radius increases, the enemy player’s spartan will start to become closer to your Assault rifle and as the reticule at the center of the screen will cover more of their body, more of the bullets of the assault rifle will hit your target.
This makes the assault rifle kill much faster than any precision weapon in the game (the most commonly used type of weapon) in CQC combat, making you a killing machine at close range. Along with the fact precision weapons need headshots to kill at any efficient speed, being up in a players face dosen’t help them get headshots, making them resort to a melee if they want to do any decent damage to you.

Use this to your advantage, stay close enough to a enemy player to make sure all your assault rifle bullets hit him, but not too close to the point where he can double melee you and end your CQC destruction with the Assault rifle.

Melee: use the assault rifle to soften up your enemy’s shields, and then finish them off with a melee attack, thanks to bleedthrough being included in halo 4, a player’s shields don’t have to be fully depleted for a melee attack to kill them. This should be used with the “closing in” technuique in order to create a very powerful way to kill enemys with the assault rifle.

Hardlight shield counter: if a player pulls out a hardlight shield in order to block your bullets there are a few differents ways to sort out the problem.

Bounce a grenade of the wall: this will not only distract the player, but deal damage if the grenade lands behind them, even try to push them to the wall and bounce a plasma grenade of the wall, bouncing back of the wall and sticking them! Some players will pull out of hardlight shield and push towards you (as when they pull out the shield the player wants you to waste your bullets so they can melee you twice)

Suprise them!: sprint towards them and melee them once to remove the hardlight shield, as they try to melee you back move away from them and pull out your secondary (pistol/DMR/BR) and headshot them to finish the job( this is because melee damage pass’s through the hardlight shield). This will suprise them enough to panic or/and confuse them into a melee, and if they don’t melee and shoot at you, you can melee them again to kill them.

Place a auto-sentry: this gives your opponent some choices to make (and fast)

If he Pulls back: this means spray at him rambo style while staying far away enough so he can’t melee you, but close enough so you can shoot him will all bullets hitting him, and hurls some nades in there to increase the chances of a kill.

If he sprints at you: there are options for this

Stick him! (carrying some plasmas? Enemys in panic always forget to strafe, so it should be easy to stick him, just run away so he dosen’t take you with him!

Throw a nade at the roof above you, run away, turn around and then gun him down with the assault rifle. The nade will bounce back where you were last standing, explode removing a lot of shield, then finish him of with a pistol or headshot. Hell, even the turret might finish him off making the kill even easier!

The first two technuiques should be your bread and butter when using the assault rifle, always get in close, and always melee when not at risk, but choose your targets wisely, don’t try and shoot someone whos at the other side of the corridor in adrift, as he will most likely use a precision weapon to gun you down before you can escape, and use cover effectivly, always reload in cover, and even use the promethean grenade to remove his shields and/or armor abilitys!

i would, the only thing is they will make a gameguide for it which would ahve all that stuff

> i would, the only thing is they will make a gameguide for it which would ahve all that stuff

Not some of the stuff, will the official guide tell you to stick your teammate with thesticky detonator, make him climb in or hijack a warthog full of enemy players, and then detonate him for a easy double kill, while he stays alive thanks to friendly fire?

I think not…