Should I give this game another go?

I don’t even remember the last time I played infinite, maybe five or six months ago, I don’t even count the few couple of games I played when s2 arrived because they were awful as death. I don’t even know when forge and co-op are supposed to come out because I really stopped caring about this game. So, serious question. Has anything changed so far? Talking about desync and all of the other problems that I think you all know very well. Does this game deserve at least another try or it’s the same mess that I remember?

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Nope. Desync is still rampant. Maybe things will change around season 3 or 4.


It has absolutely improved since launch, and even since 6 months ago. It’s still got a lot of issues but it’s slowly getting better.

Try it and see

Desync still happens, but it’s not as bad as it was most of the time. Comparing old clips to recent clips is wild


Thanks, maybe I’ll try to get back at it for some games, even just to take off the rust from the controller :rofl:


I tell my friends who havent played since January that they might not notice any changes from the last time they played


I honestly wouldn’t bother yet. Not much is different. Maybe in another year or two…And I’m actually not joking with that statement. I seriously think it will take that long, if not longer for this game to be respectable and feel more complete.


No, don’t waste your time.

Judging by 343’s history, Infinite won’t be finished for about another year or so. It takes roughly two years after 343 launches a game before it becomes what they promised it was going to be back at it’s initial launch.

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Come back every once in a while. But if you’ve uninstalled this game, it’s not worth the redownload yet.


As long as you come in and have the expectation of the game running poorly and will see WTF situations all the time, you’ll be good.

Not sure if you’re a Gears player but what The Coalition did to Gears 5, from bad coding, messed with weapons that didn’t need to be touched, and lazy customization, then 343i welcomes you with open arms.


I gave up 6 months ago. I get it for “Free” with my Xbox Game Pass.

Until they add in Manual Server Selection (as in MCC / H5) and fix desynch, the game is dead to me. The Server selection is my #1 issue. 80% of my matches were hosted in Europe and I’m in Western Canada - so my Ping times were 250+ ms. The closest servers to me are in Seattle, with ping times < 30 ms. The game is an unplayable joke at 4 fps (250 ms ping times).


I would definitely recommend to try playing again. Aim to play with people you know. That makes the experience much better in my opinion.

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Maybe not for you, but its worse for me now. Maybe when region select comes out it’ll be better


Region isn’t the issue, the servers can be next door and still cause desync. The game’s code is the problem

My first suggestion would be to wait until season 3 or when forge is “released” in September at the earliest. Depending on what parts of Halo you enjoy and care about.

If you like campaign, co-op is slated for later this month.

If you like community and custom games then next month should be the open beta of forge which is planned to release with a slew of additions and changes to community created and shared content.

If just straight up online multiplayer is your bag then I’d suggest waiting a few months for season 3 where more content is planned to be dropped/added back to the lineup along side new game modes. This is probably the point to at least pop your head in and take a look around. Hopefully at this point connection issues will be resolved or at the very least improving since the network team will be available to work on it instead of getting campaign co-op working.

Some small changes and improvements have been made recently this week and we seem to be on track for a 1 year “soft” relaunch where you could consider the game fairly complete and enjoyable. They finally have cross core starting. It’s just the visors, but it is at least a start.

So I guess my overall suggestion is wait until Season 3 and the one year anniversary. The game should be in a good state at that point and would be the most likely to get you coming back for more. Because you’re actually having fun.

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The game isn’t ready yet.

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If you’re really into the weekly rewards, sure. But I’m just not motivated enough. I have nearly all of the achievements, I completed all of the main and event battle passes, I don’t like ranked matchmaking. Personally, there’s just nothing in there for me to play around with.

In a way, I kind of don’t want to just based on the principle that 343 has not been competent as a game developer. And I have no interest in rewarding their incompetency and their inability to implement basic features with my time and effort. I have a 40 hour work week day job so I have limited time for gaming. I’d rather play Elden Ring for the third time. At the very least I know what I’m getting myself into and I don’t have to worry about missing out anything. And it’s just so nice when a game developer actually makes a complete and fully functioning game.

As far as Halo stuff is concerned, I would rather just wait for the rest of the mod tools to be released alongside the Steam Workshop. I’m sure I would very much enjoy playing around with some of the awesome mods that people have made. Halo 3 Mythic, Halo 3 Combat Evolved, Halo 4 Reflow, Halo Reach Evolved, etc.

I remember playing around with Left 4 Dead 2 for quite a while with some mods and some friends. I wasn’t great at it but I was happy, I laughed and I had a blast. It was fun turning everything into a stupid meme. I really do wish I could do something like that with MCC. I would rather do that then play Halo Infinite. Again, going back to my earlier point for limited time for gaming opportunities, Infinite is just too sweaty and competitive, even in the social playlists.

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While typing my last post, I felt like I just had an epiphany for why 343 has always struggled with making a good Halo game. I can’t promise it’s the best take ever, but thought I’d see what you all thought.

I think that the main problem is the people at 343 take themselves WAY too seriously. Think about it, in a lot of the games that they made, I bet a good part of their thought process was how to make THEIR Halo game “bigger” and “better” than anything Halo fans had ever seen from the Bungie era of Halo.

Halo 4: The Master Chief was “human,” the story was “dramatic” and “tense,” and in a way, it was TOO much of those things. The multiplayer was fast paced, too fast paced, in a desperate effort to compete with COD.

Halo 5: The Master Chief just HAD to go rogue, Cortana just HAD to be the villain (plot twist, egads so sad), the multiplayer was even more like COD, hyper competitive, and they thought that just because they made the req packs people would buy it en mase.

With the Bungie Era games, I feel like I could do whatever I wanted. I could go as fast or slow as I wanted, be as serious or silly as I wanted. With Bungie’s focus on just making a “good” game instead of a “big” game, I feel like Bungie knew what they wanted, knew what the fans wanted and made sure to stick the landing wherever they could. Those games felt more arcade-ey, and more, well, like a video game. And I think the most important thing about Bungie is that they knew how to have fun.

In a way, I feel like Halo Infinite was 343’s way of trying to backpedal away from their preferred vision because I think they knew that their vision of Halo didn’t feel like Halo. So, anytime I say to them be like Bungie Halo, I mean that for their own good. Sometimes they need to stop taking themselves seriously. Sometimes, they just need to sit down, shut up, and listen.

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Nope. This one needs a few more years to get to an acceptable state.


At this rate it’s probably gonna be at least a year or more before it’s worth our time.

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no let it die. play something else like shop titans or something