Should I get the Console?

Currently I own the Halo 3 Xbox, which is the original version of the 360. The Console is fine right now, but has gotten the RRoD twice, once I had to send it in to get fixed, and the second time I fixed it by restarting the console. The other issue is that I’m out of HD space, so I’m going to have to buy another HD anyway. Plus the wireless controller that came with my Xbox is pretty beat up. So what should I do?

your choice dude, your choice…

I’d recommend it, seeing as it’s a slim and you’er xbox is having issues. Although, the Halo 5 or 6 edition console could be a xbox 720 (infinity) so you might want to save up for that.

I’d say that it’s up to you, but if you choose to buy it, it’s totally justified…

Follow me here-

You need to buy a larger HDD. A 120gig will run you $50, and a $250gig will run you &70 USED.

Justified $50-$70 there.

The Console comes with a copy of the game. You can just use this as your copy, or sell it to a buddy to buy the LE game.

Justified $60 there.

If you really want to, you can sell one of the two exclusive controllers for $50 easy online, as they are only shipped in the console.

Justified $50 there.

On top of that, you can sell your H3 console for $50, and 20gig HDD for $5 if you REALLY want to.

Justified $55.

Just with what I listed above, I’ve knocked the price of the system down $215-$235.

Thus, you’re looking at a brand new system at around $170. Now, what if they offering people to upgrade their console to a Halo 4 console for $170? A lot of people would do it. That’s the deal thats on the table for you.

… and don’t get me started on if you sold the DLC online… the Legendary DLC for reach sold for $80 easy, and that was from a $150 purchase… now think of what the DLC from a $400 purchase is going to sell for…

However, I’d keep the DLC :slight_smile: