Should I get into Halo 5 multiplayer?

I’d have to pay for Xbox Live, but it might be worth it.

Halo Infinite is a no-go for me. Load times are utterly terrible on my PC, and while the game loads super fast on my Xbox One S, I don’t like playing a multiplayer FPS at 30, uh, fps, when I’m used to playing the MCC at 75 fps.


Halo 5 is really fun, but the population has been low for years now (and will be lower with the launch of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer) so expect pretty long wait-times for certain playlists.

Halo 5 was never ported to PC so you’ll have to purchase an Xbox One/Series X|S if you wish to play it, you could also experience it through the Xbox App with Cloud Gaming if you have a Game Pass subscription.


Halo 5 was super fun, I always had a good time. I think it’s one of my most played games ever. I don’t know if it’s worth getting into now, for player population reasons, but if there’s still a good little population and you don’t mind advanced movement, and you’re able to find matches then yeah man go for it, you’ll probably have a good time


Sure Halo 5 is fun and an even better game now than it was on launch. I will say though at least in my optinion, 343i should have taken H5 gameplay and made a new IP off of it. I ts fun and quick gameplay that could be expanded upon if it wasn’t tied to Halo and trying to play middle ground.


If you can find some friends to play with, Absolutely

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Even with low population, Halo 5 is fun to play, it’s my best game !


ehh. if you like playing on the same 4 maps because that all that has been in rotation for the last 5 years.

For real though it is a decent MP and you should be able to find the game pretty cheap, so why not. In the long term though once infinite gets it’s act together you will be limiting yourself.

I am also playing Infinite on the original Xbone and I don’t think it’s that bad.

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Definitely, other than longer wait times becuase of Infinite it’s a great game. Halo 5 has the biggest skill gap of any game out there. Makes for a fun experience learning new movement and jumps everyday.
Servers are also alot better than Infinite’s, people wont be shooting you through walls.


Yes, get Halo 5. It’s the best Halo thus far. The campaign is weak but that’s probably not what you’re looking for. I’ve played the Infinite Flights and Beta and Halo 5 especially war zone is just so much more fun. I’ll definitely be playing it for a long time still to come.

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I already have it! I got it on sale for $8 a while back. Been waiting to play its campaign until I’m done with 4. But I don’t have Xbox Live, so I’d have to start paying for that if I do want to get into multiplayer.

What I’ll probably do is get a month of Game Pass Ultimate, play Infinite’s campaign that way, and try out Halo 5’s multiplayer. Then if I decide I like it enough, I’ll pay for Live once the month is over.

Is there an estimate as to average player count in the US for Halo 5? It’s probably lower than the MCC, I imagine.

Yes you should. We need as many players as possible to keep the player base alive and well.

Halo 5 has far better gameplay than Infinite anyway.


Well campaign is…ehm…rough. Level design is okay and it plays well. But lets just say squad mechanics and Warden Eternal will have you curse at your screen more often than you’d like on the gameplay side. And on the story side it’s just, you know, bad.

Multiplayer is awesome though so good choice buying the game! Infinite obviously is beta now but also feels a bit off in terms of balancing etc. Has this really unfinished feel to me. So hopping into H5 isn’t a bad idea. That game definitely is better than Infinite now. Also, it’s Fiesta modes -Yoink!- all over the one we have in Infinite at the moment.


I’ve been playing Halo 5’s multiplayer and I like it more than Infinite’s. Halo 5’s multiplayer is like Infinite’s if they fixed all of the problems I have with Infinite’s:

  • no player outlines
  • much shorter and more natural intro and outro player showcases
  • original vehicle spawn mechanics
  • player collision
  • assassinations
  • more weapon variety
  • no kill effects
  • shield recharge indicator
  • wider radar
  • way more maps
  • much shorter respawn timer

The gameplay is good but the lack of armour customisation was a flop. But atleast you get armour without having to buy it unless you want to.


It’s my opinion that the current halo 5 is watered down at best painful at worse

I love the game but I wouldn’t recommend it until they do something good with it like bring it to PC and rework most the game

Customisation needs to be like halo 4 with its options

Weapons and abilites need to be faster and stronger

And the textures n lighting need to be like the beta

So basically the halo 5 Beta

Also if you enjoy classic halo I’d say avoid halo 5 because at worse you will hate it and at best you will get hooked on speed halo and it will make halo 3 and infinite feel super slow to you

It feels like the lack of customisation was because they were going to have fully custom preset armor like in the campaign but at some point gave up on that and we ended up with half -Yoink!- flouty armor

Honestly let it die… Iv been hooked on the halo 5 beta and every step away from it was a mistake so now I end up loving the beta but hating the final game

If they did bring it to PC only way I’d care is if it was remastered to actually be good

I don’t blindly hate halo 5 I love it so much that I end up hating it I can’t even play infinite because it feels so slow

I want the halo 5 beta on PC

If you don’t like Infinite’s multiplayer you won’t like Halo 5’s. Do MCC instead.