Should I get Halo Wars?

Should I? I mean, I have every Halo game besides it. Might as well complete the collection, right?

Get this game if you plan on putting a lot of time into it. Really, I don’t think you’ll ever enjoy this game if you’re not committed to getting good. If you just want to join in and build how you want to build and play this game at your own pace, you’ll never see why so many players like it the way we do.

Besides getting lasting value out of this game, the single-player was quite good and the cut-scenes are amazing even by today’s standards, if SP is your kind of thing. But really, if you want to like this game past seeing it in your collection box, find players that are always trying to get better or you’ll just end up dropping the game because rushing is too hard for you.

Halo Wars may not be worth getting for collection’s sake, but it’s worth every penny and more if you’re looking for a game to spend hours a day playing.