Should I get HALO:Reach if I don't have Xbox Live?

Really it says it in the title lol :slight_smile:

Well if you love that design halo reach System then go for it. I personally own 1 and amazing happy to own it!!

I don’t know. I really don’t know. Perhaps not? I feel inclined to say that you should invest in another title with a bigger single-player value. Not that Halo Reach is bad by any means, but it’s not just as good as a mere single player game.

It is hard to say. For someone like myself I could play alone for a long time, Forge, theater, campaign, it will all keep me going. Otherwise you may want to go for Red Dead Redemption which can keep you going for a long time, or Fallout 3.

Alternatively you could get Xbox Live, join us in the fun. There are plenty of rookie friendly communities that will have your back as you learn the ropes.

I would personally invest in a FPS with more single-player focus. It isn’t that the campaign isn’t worth the money, it’s just once you have all the commendations for Campaign, all the achievements, built loads of maps: what then?

Your choice, but multiplayer makes up a surprisingly high amount of replayability.

I would tend to agree with what everyone else has said. Reach is great. Like, really, really great. But it’s also very short. If you aren’t going to partake of the online features…well, it’s like going to a 15 course banquet and eating only bread.
You should definitely rent it for weekend and blast through the campaign though.
As an alternative though, Bioshock 1 or 2 would probably be a better bet. Much longer, deeper solo experiences.

As bread goes, it’s very nice. But it’s still bread, with maybe some dips and a cheeseboard.

Continued metaphor aside, Bioshock is indeed an excellent choice. They don’t require multiplayer for a majoritative experience. I would also reccomend Portal 2 if you still have no LIVE by February.

And I shall continue the continued metaphor.

It is a fantastic bread, and Bungie have built you a beautiful sandwich. But then, you finish the sandwich, and are still left hungry and looking for other tasty things in the Bungie kitchen.

As for BioShock, I had… unpleasant experiences when I played it at my friends’ house (as in, “OMG, WHAT IS THAT??” “A Big Daddy…” “WHAT DO I DO!!!” die “WTF!!”), so I can’t actually recommend it; I do however recommend thinking about New Vegas when it comes out.

Just rent it!