Should I even post about my problem?

Anyone else not able to find games or is waiting really long for a match yo be found? (Sigh) honestly speaking Halo 5’s “service” causes me more stress than anything else. And yet I still put up with it. Maybe I’m dumb for it but I am a huge fan of Halo and it honestly pains me that 343 doesn’t release information on what we need to hear, the truth (guess we have to hunt for that one as well). They seem to only focus on adding more content to the game. My advice, if my voice mattered would be, listen to what will bring the halo community or population back to where it used to be. Content is great but we are still patiently waiting for Team snipers to be ranked or at least a permanent playlist. Also, the ranking system is unbalanced. Champs should stick with onyx (preferably high onxy) diamond with diamond and of course high diamond with low onxy and low diamond with high Plat etc. Not champs with diamond or even gold (seriously?) Keep it consistent