Should I buy this game?

Hey! So I was a really big fan of Halo, esp. Halo 2 and 3. I’ve played a little of the MC Collection on the Xbox One X but aside from that I haven’t tried Halo for some time.

I am going to have to buy a Series X firstly, and as Battlefield is apparently abysmal I think Halo will be one of very few games I’ll actually play - Time is at a premium for me, I have a young family and etc so can’t spend time as I used to on the Xbox and so want something I can throw on and enjoy for a few hours a week.

Is Halo good enough to justify the Series X purchase? Does it have the feel of the older Halo games (I loved 1 flag CTF, BTB, TS etc etc.)


So, the multiplayer is entirely free. It’s a free-to-play MP game, and you don’t have to buy the game. The campaign, on the other hand does cost money. In my opinion, I enjoyed the campaign enough to be worth the $60. I’ve gotten about 115 hours out of it across several play throughs, collecting 100% of everything in each, doing multiple difficulties. I enjoyed it a lot.

Halo Infinite is in a weird spot for multiplayer currently - it doesn’t currently have all the modes and features of the old games, but the core gameplay is good. There are hints of things improving in the future, but nothing overly concrete at the moment. However, this is also free, so you’re not out any money on the game itself if you don’t like it.

As far as would I buy a console for this game? I’m not sure I’d spend that much money for ANY one game, to be honest. But, Infinite multiplayer is also free to play on One X, so if you have that, you can give it a try and see what you think.


Its not even close to being worth getting a series x for. The multiplayer is free at least and probably runs pretty good on a xbox one x. The campaign is $60 and has been a huge disappointment for most people


I’m so out of the loop with things Xbox-wise I had no idea it was playable on the One X, I’ll download MP and give it a go and see how it plays in that case. I’ve been meaning to get the Series X for some time, and there were basically 2 games that could have pushed me to get it - Battlefield and Halo, seeing as BF is a complete flop I’ve been pinning my hopes on Halo being more like Halo of old.

At least I can play Elite on it too I suppose!

I don’t recommend playing the game at this time. It’s just no fun and extremely broke. Honestly it’s not much better then Battlefield 2042. And it sounds like Battlefield 2042 is about to get a April update with “hundreds” of fixes according to leakers on Twitter.


Its unfortunate reception doesn’t seem great here for the game (at least on the forums, Youtube seems to have positive reviews) - I am hoping they remake some classic maps, Zanzibar/Last Resort, Lockout, Waterworks, Highground. I absolutley loved this game.

Good to hear BF may be rescued too, perhaps I will get a Series X after-all.

Thanks for the reply!

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The forums are more full of disgruntled fans than I think is representative of the overall reception. The game definitely isn’t perfect - but the forums are quite a bit more concentrated with unhappiness than I think the overall player community is. When played intermittently/casually, IMO, Infinite is better than when played frequently - you feel the rough edges less. It’s free though, so it’s just an uninstall away if you’re not into it.


By buying this game I’m assuming you’re talking about buying the campaign since MP is free? With that considered and with you being a really big fan of Halo 2 and 3, you probably won’t like the campaign. I know I didn’t and I was a huge fan of Halo 2 and 3. For one it’s now open world, big deal. I don’t like it, Halo has also been on a tracks type of game which I’ve always enjoyed with Halo.

If anything I would try game pass out first, I think they usually have 3 months for a dollar. It’s included and it’ll take you a few days to compete and there’s plenty of other games on game pass for your Series X.


Do not buy a Series X for this game. Decide if you want that console for other reasons, and if you do go ahead and try out Infinite MP since it’s free. You could also sign up for a cheap starter deal for Gamepass and play the campaign for free.


Dont bother.

This is barely a Halo game and certainly isn’t Halo 6.

It’s a horrible spin off with an empty F2P multiplayer attached to it. It’s also run by one of most arrogant and wool-headed studios I’ve ever come across. They want to control every aspect of your fun and expect us to swallow untold horse faeces about how great all the developments are, when actually the game is in a worse state than it was at launch. They refuse to fix it because the fans and people that actually play the game, are simply irrelevant to them. They want to tell us what is fun and we have to smile and like it…a bit like living under a dictatorship.

Your money would be better spent elsewhere.


The campaign isn’t really worth it imo.
They turned the game into an open world game, which mostly consists of a forest/mountain area with enemies and other busywork littered around.
The main campaign missions’ design peaks in the first one, after which you play a bunch of forerunner style hallways and rooms and near the end a banished one. If you’re a fan of epic things happening in the previous Halo games, nothing really eventful happens in this one sadly.

I put a bunch of time in the campaign but that was mostly because it just takes a lot of time, not necessarily because it’s a good time. I paid for Xbox Live Gamepass to play it but after having played it I’m not sure if I even would buy the campaign at 50% off.

However, if you’re a fan of the Far Cry games which are just about ticking off every little popup that shows on the map you might enjoy it.

The MP is free though so just download that and play it and see if you enjoy it. I personally don’t really like it as much and I’d rather play the MCC games in MP instead.


The campaign is fairly bare-bones and the multiplayer, while it has potential, is really broken at its foundational levels (bad netcode, bad skill based matchmaking, bad anti-cheat, bad progression systems, bad customization systems, bad social systems, etc).

BTB is also a hot mess in Halo Infinite… the maps are small and there are not really any vehicles at the start of the game, so it just feels like a bigger version of 4v4. Doesn’t feel like the completely different game experience that it was in classic Halo games.

I’d say wait a year and see if it’s fixed. It’s definitely not worth purchasing hardware just for this game.


As someone who has all the games, some with multiple copies, some legendary editions, plus the PC releases, as well as the original hardware to play them on…

All I need to know is: How big a fan are you? Are you in? If so, then yes. If not, maybe try it on game pass first. (The up front cost of game pass is almost free. You wouldn’t even need the series X right away because xCloud streaming is magic.)

If you like going to markers and collecting everything, or just messing around with endless supplies of weapons and vehicles, campaign might be fun for you.

If you’re expecting an engaging, epic story that makes sense with well designed levels and moments, and isn’t giving you the cliff notes of the story we should have gotten while doing the bare minimum of plot just to sell you on…whenever the next story DLC is…then campaign is going to be dull.

Also it lacks co-op…and level select.

Yes, it lacks level select.

We’ve just all played the crap out of the small amount of content in this game and are growing tired of 343s lack of competency. You will definitely have alot of fun for the first month or two if you play it alot. If you are a more casual gamer who plays like 30 minutes a day then you will probably have fun for several months

Thanks for all the responses guys, I appreciate it. I’ll download the free multiplayer this evening and give it a play later tonight. I can’t wait! If it gives me a nostalgic feeling I’ll purchase the Campaign and a Series X to play it on!

Thanks again!


I bought the Campaign for $60 and hated myself for it since.

Don’t do it.


Tbh, you shouldn’t be asking anyone. This should be your decision and only yours.

Opinions will vary and not everyone’s opinion will apply to you.

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Yes. It is a fun game.


I’ve been away from gaming for 10 years and bought a series x to play infinite in December. No regrets. I thought it was an amazing game until I started looking on the internet (lol). Some complaints are justified but overall the hate on this game has gotten completely out of control. Don’t let the mob mentality of complainers stop you from trying the game out.