Should I buy Halo now?

When Halo 5 just came out, I didn’t seem interested in it because of the req system and how the game is completely different than the others. I tried to watch a walkthrough of the campaign but I literally fell asleep, I am not joking. The campaign seems terrible and look I am not ripping on this game, I am only expressing my opinion. The Halo franchise is my favorite franchise on Xbox. It is the reason I got the original, the 360, and the One. Not only that, Halo CE was the very first game I played and it introduce me to Halo. I love the story, the universe, and multiplayer of Halo. No othe fps has a better story than Halo in my opinion but Halo 5 doesn’t seem good to me in terms of campaign honestly. Now that the game is cheaper and how there have been many updates should I get it?

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Damn it, I meant to say Halo 5 on the title.

Only if you have a group of friends to play it with you. If you go in solo, you’re going to get your -Yoink- kicked by organized teams.

H5 MM is one of the best IMO and the campaign was extremely eh to me.

Well I have no friends on Xbox.

Dude, I’d fall asleep watching any video game I wasn’t playing. Yeah, get it. It’s on sale, I think.

No, wait another month at least, or until you find a good deal.

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> Well I have no friends on Xbox.

not a problem. you can join a spartan company and make some new friends :slight_smile: personally i like playing solo more than fireteam but eh.

I would definitely purchase it if I were you, dude

if you dont mind a bad story and bad level design in campaign. 343i really messed it up both narratively and in how it plays, virtually no sandbox open ended segments that made halos 1 to 3 so goog. the multiplayer however is better than anything since halo 3 imo

If was truly your favorite you wouldn’t have to ask this… go buy doom or something.

You have an Xbox One, may as well. It’s really the only addictive multiplayer game on the Xbox One. Campaign wise it is confusing, there’s barely any references to Halo 4 or Spartan Ops. I have written some articles based on the other Halos to help explain Halo 5’s plot, since most of the “why” or “how” questions won’t be answered in the game.

I’ve played Fallout 4, that was pretty cool and I finished it but everything looks the same in that game. All the missions are similar, especially with those dumb Minutemen who I gathered up in a large army, and even with my massive defences, one of them always gets kidnapped by bandits that I already killed.

I started playing the Division: worse disappointed than Halo 5. Sold it.

Thanks for the replies. I appreciate it.

For the current price of $20-25 for a new copy, sure go buy it (but don’t pay more than that).
Also, go into it knowing that it’s Halo in name only. It’s a fun game for the price, especially now that there’s more content, but it ain’t Halo.

I’d wait a other month or so until the last update is out and I’d get it used or on sale. IMO it’s not really worth full price unless your a big Halo fan.

Get it. It’s a good game.

get it. great game

Do it. I paid 50 and don’t regret one penny. Like everyone said, campaign is meh, multiplayer is AWESOME!

I actually really liked the campaign on this one.