Should I buy Halo 4?

I’ve been a huge halo fan since the first game to the trilogy. But, Halo Reach absolutely disappointed me. My god, trying to put up with the armor abilities drove me away. Halo 3 was my favorite game of all time. See ya later Call of Duty or Battlefield you have nothing on Halo 3 to me. Halo 3 just brings warmth to my heart. Soo, Halo 4. Well, I was watching the trailers in the beginning and what did I see? ARMOR ABILITIES!!! I was pissed. And wondered why they would do it again. I also thought it would suck. Soo, I think, let me look up some reviews. “9.8” “10/10” “9/10” "Best Halo Yet!"I was surprised. Hmmm… Armor Abilities and people saying its great? Soo, Here I am asking the community. How are the Armor Abilities? Do they take away from the game? Is it Halo 3? Or better? Please any response would be appreciated.

there’s too many obvious cod fanboys on here, who just run off thinking they can mow down the whole team on their own, leaving you on your own too, getting team shot. Absolutely ridiculous, had more than half as many kills as assists which is also a joke seeing as now people judge you on KD as opposed to whether you actually win games like H3. H3 will always be perfect, people actually tried, atleast h4 is better than reach

First of all let me tell you about it…

Now i only joined the Halo series when i first got my xbox, around the time halo 3 came out. I loved the game, bought reach and thought it was horrible…

Now this game has BEAUTIFUL graphics in my opinion!! I would buy it for that and the online gaming experience!!

This game is the best HALO ever… There are armor abilities but they are balanced and there’s also other minor perks that are customizable! Get it man and add me

armor lock aint got -Yoink- on wall hack vision.
its got all the same abilities as reach just not armor lock