Should I buy Halo 2?

Just asking, because I have an option to buy it for my birthday. My friend recommended it, she thinks that’s one of the best “Halos” so far. What are your thoughts? Is this game worth my time now?

Yes buy it I did and I love it just warn you there is no Xbox live multiplayer if you don’t now this but the campaign is great getting to play as two the RB that was the best and rember to play it on co op

> there is no Xbox live multiplayer

I knew that already.

There is an option to play campain and custom games on split-screen, I presume?

I have it for PC and Running it on windows 8 finally. Its still a very good game. A nice side step from Halo 4 seeing as though im a SR130 now. Hoping i can learn in the mean time and gradually finishing of the H2 achievements. Damn legendary achievement glitched and only gave me the heroic one. Saving that one for last!

I would be fast about it 343 is shouting the servers down on the pc if your getting it on PC but I have my on xbox

Yes def get it its prob my fav halo game of all.