Should I be Worried About This?

So today, i was playing the champions DLC as many of you are, and I went to play Metal Gear Solid 3 for about an hour and a bit. When i was finished, i popped in my Halo 4 disk once again, and went straight to infinity. I was presented with the video you see when your first time you play Halo 4 and go to infinity, after the video i knew something was up, i went to the armoury and my armour was full green and in recruit, with everything ive unlocked so far being listed as new with the golden star. My loadouts were reset, and my campaign data is gona as well. Commendations and rank appear to be the smame, not shure about service record info at the time. Should I at all be worried about this, has this happened to anyone before. For some reason, the first thing that comes to mind is that ive been hacked. Please shed some light on this. No, i did not delete anythinng from the hardrive -_- also sorry about the spelling, im on using my phone for waypoint and its hard to correct myself.

There have been reports of everything being reset to brand new content after downloading the latest Title Update and/or the Champion’s Bundle. Just simply scroll over everything, repurchase loadout items with your Spartan Points if need be, and you should turn out just fine.

Oh alright thanks for the update, although i do not have anymore campaign data and am set back to the first mission. That was just a little strange. Oh well looks like im doing the campaign on legendary this weekend :stuck_out_tongue: