Should helmetless Spartans be an option in multiplayer?

  • Yes
  • No

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It might be cool if you could choose from a selection of face and hairstyles. Currently you have to pick from a range of helmets that are ultimately still fairly similar.

I don’t think it would break the immersion because, you’re already one shot to kill to the head anyway; your shields are your main protection as a Spartan. As for the Heads Up Display, I don’t know, maybe your AI can just project that into your mind through the Spartans Neural Interface. I am sure in Spartan Ops cinematics one of the Spartans fights fine without one.


But then we wouldn’t be able to have male and/or female faces like the body type thing :roll_eyes:


Yeah, that does complicate things. :smile:

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I don’t want that to be an option no. I do think it would break immersion, but honestly, that’s already broken by so much I don’t think it matters. What I do think matters is aesthetic cohesion. And I don’t feel it would mesh with the look and feel the game has had since the first game.


True but that means they’ve looked elsewhere to try to bring that variety into the customisation. Multiverse Samurai armour rather than something more grounded like an open face helmet or having normal faces.

I still think the look of a Spartan with the visor is a draw and I don’t think people would completely stop doing that. You do want to emulate the Chief in the game.

I mean a lot of game customisation tends to focus around the face so it is a limitation.


I’m personally fine with them looking elsewhere as long as they do a good job. I’m actually less bothered by the Yoroi armor than say, the flaming wings being added in Season 2. And they’ll likely continue to do both regardless of if they allowed you to remove the helmet.


Could care less. Even in Destiny, I keep the helmets on in social spaces for 4 reasons.

  1. The Helmet Stays On (Reference to Lord Shaxx)
  2. I can’t look at a Guardian’s face and take them seriously at all lol
  3. My Guardians have ugly faces
  4. I want to keep the theme I built for them intact (Like the Arbiter theme I built for my Warlock*)

If I had the option to remove the helmet from my Spartan, I’d keep it on. I want to be able to view MYSELF in the armor, not the face model of some other guy.

*Yes, I mean the Arbiter from Halo.


The hitbox would get completely messed up - a head would be tiny compared to a helmet.

Not only that but if you want the face to look good, most likely you’d only choose from a few presets anyways - the same problem you are bringing up here (maybe it exists but I’ve never seen a custom face maker in a game that looks good)

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All 343 will do is give us like 4 options in total for hair and skin color, and sell the rest of the options in the store. Pink mohawks. Braided Viking beards. Pirate eye patches.

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Only if I get to choose a Grunts head as my Spartans head…

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Ewww no no no. That would ruin it for me.


Pretty sure lore wise this wouldn’t work. The shields are emitted from the armor.

There’s even an excerpt from Bloodlines where Black teams leader removed her helmet in order to use the shield to redirect an incoming energy beam.


I like the idea, but not without an in depth face creator. And lets be honest, they’ll never give us that. They cant even give us distinguishable male and female bodies.


NO. never been an option.

Kat’s kit should have come around without helmet. :joy:

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I have always wanted to customize my spartan face, so yeah would be cool but as a lobby feature and sole personal customization purpose.

Im against it in matches tho. Wouldnt make much sense considering the shields wouldnt work without a helmet.

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Some RPGs and the Sims do it pretty well. In Dark Souls you can make some pretty cool faces, but it does take time, and you can also make some pretty ugly faces.


Helmetless? NO. Spartans are unlike ODSTs, their Helmet is one of the core pieces of their armor and without it, it has reduced capacity for function. It would be like removing the higher gears from a car. Yes the car can move, but only in first and second gear, while now becoming a hassle to deal with in the Highway because it only goes 40 MPH instead of the 60 MPH everyone else is going.

I would propose a De-Polarized Visor. Allowing people to see through the visor and see the face of the Spartan’s voice-actor represented underneath the helmet (those 8 newbie Spartans from The Academy’s Opening Cutscene)
Similar to how they did it in Halo 3 ODST during cutscenes -


Don’t think I’d be a fan of this.

Customization is second to the universe of the game IMO. The Halo universe is brilliant and content that is not a part of it doesn’t belong in it (once again, IMO.)

It makes zero sense for a Spartan to remove their helmet in combat. Without a helmet they would not have shields protecting their head. And while yes, they do have powerful shields, the Mjolnir itself is also a significant part of their protection.


Buddy I like the idea I really do. Odst has it but that’s because they had modeled faces. I’d love to see that level of customization but let’s be real monetization. And I’d hate to see what that would involve. Let’s us just dream