should Halo of ended with Bungie

So I see tons and tons of threads and posts with criticisms of 343 and Halo 5 which got me thinking…almost all franchises (especially after a huge boost in popularity) eventually fall victim to over saturation. Too concept, things.being replaced or taken out. Etc. So my.question to you guys is: would you of rather the Halo franchise ended after reach? (i include reach because that was the last.bungie made ahalo game) Given all the things tbat have changed about.Halo, would you of rather the Halo series ended after.3 and left a lasting.amazing i.pression or are you happy/excited that the.franchise.has continued, albeit taken in a new.direction.

From “High Fidelity”: Is if better to burn out than to fade away?

Inb4: Lock.

No it shouldn’t I want to see a satisfying conclusion to Chief’s story and the didact’s too. I love Halo 5’s gameplay and love warzone I want it to stick around a little longer.


And what’s with your punctuation?

I like playing Halo, I’m glad it’s still here.

No, i would never want halo franchise to end. Don’t think it will either since its one of the greatest selling xbox games.

But i don’t support 343 as being the company to design this game. This is my opinion but i don’t support the in-game transactions, seems cheap and greedy as -Yoink-. And their strategy to sell us a half content game at launch is -Yoinking!- dumb. 343 to me is the most incompetent company to make games, their servers are trash, spawns are trash, map design is garbage.

Discussion is moot as Halo did not end with Bungie. And seeing as how this will end up in a developer bashing thread if we let it go on long enough, I’m locking this now.

Thanks for understanding.