Should Halo Infinite have the Kamehameha blast added?

Should Halo Infinite add the Kamehameha blast added? Masterchief is currently able to use it in Fortnite.

  • Yes
  • Absolutely

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I think this is a great idea. They should also add destructible environments so we can blast through walls too.


So a spartan laser, but blue?


Well technically Master Chief has already mastered kamahameha in Fornite…though I don’t think this would work the same way in Halo Infinite. lol


His ammo for it should be over 9000

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Only if the arbiter can go KioKen

this seems like a joke but ill say so anyway…
uh… what… this is halo
not fortnight
not dragon ball z

I couldnt tick both boxes so this poll is biased…


Of course. Statistically speaking, this would be a balanced and fair addition to the weapons sandbox, enabling players to better explore offensive options.

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Destructible environments was my biggest hope for Halo Infinite and the Slipspace engine. There’s minor environment destruction and interaction, but it’s not nearly on the scale of BF.

Halo’s sandbox with BF environmental destruction would be an ultimate experience imo.

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Nope not a joke, legitimate suggestion.

respect, lets chop it up to a difference in vison for the series

I could see something like it being a variant of the repulser some day. Basically add a big sentinel beam blast on top of the repulser grav blast…

Trying to imitate fortnite is what made Infinite fail in the first place

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Destiny has it and it’s awesome.

I know, I should be able to choose them both multiple times

No, we should have the Spartan Laser, the shoulder Mounted Red Kamehameha

Considering the charge that’s more of a special beam cannon type of weapon….don’t you think?

Only if we get to play as Naruto.