Should Halo Infinite have campaign DLC?

I think Halo Infinite should have campaign DLC for a few reasons. First of all, it would keep people interested in the game. Second, it could be used to expand the story i.e, a continuation of Halo: Bad Blood, or Fireteam Osiris’ story. Third, it could be used to test new things, such as playable elites/covenant, or it could be used for something like Halo 3 Anniversary. I’d like to see if anyone has any ideas about this as well, or if anyone likes/dislikes this idea.

Besides the Witcher, these sorts of DLCs are usually over priced for what you get. I’d rather just avoid it.

As long as it has a complete and satisfying story at launch I’m open story dlc.

I’d be alright with it, but of course the game would have to be complete and worth buying in the first place.

I like what the OP said about continuing Osiris’ story, they built up Locke in a way he’s somewhat cool. Plus Buck is hilarious l.

Like others kind of mentioned, when you already plan out dlc for the campaign long before the game even comes out, that could mean bad news to give a half baked campaign and just “finish it in dlc”. With that being said, I don’t mind it if the dlc is more of a side campaign. Like missions that might revolve around side characters and don’t continue the plot of the main story.

If Halo Wars 2 has some impact on Infinite and if the 2 storylines meet as they say it would, then this would be the perfect opportunity to play as Red Team in a DLC!

Although, I would also like some Arbiter gameplay. He deserves much more involvement than what he got in H5.

Story DLC would be great, since as a mainly Campaign person, it’s a 3 year wait between games for a roughly 8 hour campaign, and then after completion (and finding collectables) there isn’t really a reason to come back (besides replaying a missiom or two with friends or trying the campaign on Legendary) till the next game 3 years later.

Spartan Locke and Spartan palmer dlc

Remember how good the Spartan Ops story was? Yeah, me neither.

Won’t happen
Halo never had campaign dlc and to be frank I’d like 343i to make great enough campaign before the game releases so there won’t be the need for dlc

Only if the DLC is not a continuation of the main plot. It would be a different perspective like Awakening the Nightmare

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> Spartan Locke and Spartan palmer dlc

Please no

Yes but no. I don’t want an extra part of the halo infinite story in a dlc because that souds like lousy ea. What i would like to see is something like an odst campaign that goes along side the campaign.

If done right I think I’d enjoy it, but it’d need to be a full fledged campaign equal in size to what comes out at launch, and to be it’s own separate story.