Should Halo Infinite Get a Battle Royale Mode?

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  • No

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I already have my vote.

It is a stern NO.
Battle Royale is NOT something that belongs in Halo whatsoever.

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No sir. Fix what’s already there before venturing into a whole new game type they have no experience with.


It seems they already need to hire alot more people to start fixing and adding content to multiplayer so it would suck if they diverted man hours to adding a BR


I for one believe that Battle Royale should NOT be in Halo.

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Even if it did, that mode wouldn’t even work.

My proof? Let me know how your BTB experience has been.

Personally I don’t think Halo would make a particularly good Battle Royale and considering its current issues, 343 has far more important things to deal with.

Any Battle Royale efforts should just be what players make of one in Forge and if it turns out to actually be fun and popular, then maybe it can at least be considered.

But as things stand right now? I don’t want 343 donating a single resource to it.

I mainly made this post because some other guy said that Halo needs a Battle Royale to keep it alive, and I pointed out that people are sick of BR games and that a Battle Royale would cause the player count to drop down to less than 10k if they ever dropped one in.

That or no one would really play the mode and it would be scrapped.

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For me I just never got into them. I did try PUBG when that was all the rage, played Blackout a little bit, dipped my toe into Apex and Warzone, but I never got into it. Just not for me.

I only really started to dislike it when it became a trend that people and media outlets would stigmatize games with for not having it. And, yes, I think people have gotten fed up with them at this point. Other than Battlefield’s BRs (both dead, although DICE not making them F2P was really a setup for failure), Ubisoft got some immense backlash for their BR announcement for Ghost Recon and have gone very quiet afterwards (and canceling their PC test that was supposed to happen months ago).

Considering the BRs out there already and what 343 would need to do to even compete with them, I’d much rather they just fix what they have wrong and try implementing something different from that market. One thing I would be keen to see is a new version of Warzone that isn’t bound to the old REQ System.

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PUBG was the one that got me started.
I played Fortnite a bit until it became broken

  • SMGs did more damage than shotguns
  • Sniper bullet speed was changed
  • Everyone became build-battle masters and my screwed up knuckles don’t allow for speed such as that.

I was excited for Apex Legends, picturing a Titanfall Battle-Royale…
… instead I got Overwatch mixed with Titanfall Pilots and no Titans to drop in or comandeer.

And now everyone has a battle royale mode it seems.
And when Ghost Recon announced their BR experience, I noticed that a majority of the fanbase was much like me; sick of BR games being shoved into everything.
Which is funny, considering that Ghost Recon Breakpoint was perfect for a BR experience, given that the world map was diverse and they could have us be placed in random regions to drop in and survive a stealthy battle-royale experience.

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The question isn’t should it, because to say that Halo shouldn’t get a BR mode is like being opposed to Grifball or something, just an extremely cruel way of thinking.

The question that matters to me is if Infinite could make a fun BR mode… I think that Infinite is a very barebones game, but I could see it being a fun FFA/to4 mode for sure.

Oh don’t get me wrong, they could surely add a Battle Royale mode.

It would just be their least played mode and thus it would be probably a waste of resources to make it.

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How do you know that? Why would a fun and interesting mode not be played? Now if just release something half-baked then I doubt it would be remotely popular but a really well done BR mode? It would be huge popularity wise.

People hate Attrition and don’t want to play it, but have to to get event challenges done.

And Attrition is a pretty good test-bed of a Battle Royale.
You have one life, you can get revived, but the enemy has better weapons and camps your revive ball; so your team loses.
Having that on a larger scale with a game that has always been about respawning would just turn away most of the fanbase.

No its not.

That’s an interesting perspective. Though I question how meaningful it is. You are saying that fans just want more of the same, I am saying that lots of people want something new.

Team has shared lives that lead to revives required if lives are depleted.
If the match goes on too long, a circle comes in to force everyone into a safe area to fight.

Sounds like a form of a Battle Royale to me. Just drop in 10 teams of 4 on a larger map, reduce shared lives, and BOOM you have a Battle Royale experience.

Halo 4’s loss of player-count from 400k to 20k in just a year compared to Halo 3 still keeping 270k dedicated players after just a year is pretty much condemning proof that players want more of the same. Sequels are supposed to feel like an extension of the predecessor, not a deviation from the norm like spin-offs are allowed to be (The Golden Rule to Game Design)

People want to play Halo. Not something else. That is why they play Halo.
Halo 4 tried to be someone else, and no one wanted that.
A Battle Royale is an experience of an entirely different audience than the core audience of Halo.
It will see a very small fraction of the Halo player base as consistent players, my estimate being less than 10k on average.

Yes it is feasible via that gametype, my point is that it is a bit much to speculate that the success of a gametype or lack thereof would spread to a BR mode. They are just very very different.

ok buddy. Lets use an entire game as an example of players not wanting more modes.

Let me give you a real example of something that would make more sense. Have you heard of a mode that was in Reach called Invasion? Pretty popular mode, people dearly miss it to this day. That mode (no matter what you think of it) was extremely different to basically any thing that Halo has offered before or after, basically closest to Overwatch as you were talking about earlier.

I could use other examples, like Firefight, or Warzone, or Infection, or Grifball, and so on.

Now if Infinite didn’t have 4v4 or BTB at all, and it only had a BR mode then what you were saying would be a lot closer to reality.

Using this logic you have to explain to me why any mode that isn’t just vanilla 4v4 quickplay is successful.

I know this might blow people’s minds, but what made Halo great (in the past) was that it had so many different experiences and could appeal to a very large audience. You creative? Forge/Custom Games. Competitive? Competitive playlist. Casual? Well you got Grifball or Racing or whatever floats your boat. You creating content? Theater/Spectator do help with that. You like stories? Halo has a cool story mode you can enjoy.

As far as I’m concerned Infinite is only really good at one thing right now and that’s its competitive settings, it lacks almost everything in terms of casual and fun modes.

Then what’s the problem? Even if were completely true and only 10k people really enjoyed, what is the problem for making a mode for a smaller subset of the population? 10k is plenty for matchmaking so I don’t really get the problem here.

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Halo CE launched with more than just Team Slayer you know?
It had Oddball, Capture The Flag, King Of The Hill, etc.
There has always been a nice sack of variety for teams to fight one another and the occasional free-for-all.

But each and every mode has respawns in Halo.
No one wants to spectate their team until victory. It is THE MOST BORING part about Battle-Royale games.
Halo has always been about an Arena.
Even the PvE experience has been an arena. You are locked in a zone in Firefight and must scavenge weapons to keep alive and build up scoring.
War Zone was just BTB meets optional Firefight. And War Zone Firefight was just a glitchy extension of that Optional PvE it offered.

My issue is that the game devs would deem it a waste of resources to make another giant map or two for a battle-royale experience.
And what will annoy the majority of us is that certain cosmetics will only be available in the BR experience. So we would be playing a mode that most players don’t like in order to grind for cosmetics.

Kind of like Attrition is doing with the Cyberpunk Showdown event.

For now, no. They will need to rebalance a lot of things, and then what about vehicles? I feel like whoever gets their hand on a Scorpion might wipe out entire squads. In the end, it might end up being a stripped-down version of BTB, just with more players and a bigger map, I guess. Might as well just stick to BTB.

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What? They would just use the Forge canvas to create a BR experience. No chance they’d spend that kind of time for a single mode.

Why? How would this make sense from a business perspective?

There is no way that vehicles would work in a BR mode. It would be far too powerful I imagine outside of maybe Mongoose/Razorback.