Should halo Infinite feature dual wielding


Me being a long time Halo fan has one opinion and it is straight forward.
I personally did not like Halo Reach’s choice to remove dual wielding, I mean why remove something thing that made Halo 2 and 3 so damn good.

I personally think, yes

But let me know what you guys think, all opinions accepted Jere.
There should be dual wielding like the one we had in Halo 2 and 3, but like 343 is doing, and I praise them for it, I want them to improve on dual wielding from Halo 2 and 3 and include it in both campaign and multiplayer.

I always enjoyed dual wielding. I say include it.
Just disable it for multiplayer if it’s a balancing issue.

i would like to see dual wielding.
for balancing: dual wield-able weapons should have a special single wield trait the loose when dual wielded, so the single weapon is powerfull.
like plasma rifle stun, reduced smg spread increase speed and fast reload, plasma pistol tracking, mauler stun and knockback, spiker knockback, sidekick accuracy and zoom, boltpistol stun, etc.

the magnum (halo reach/5 mix) and boltshot (halo 4, but with charged burst insted of shotgun function and double burst normal shots) should be extra weapons that are pistol sized primary weapons ^^

I would like to see it come back, if there are balancing issues, then it shouldn’t be in multiplayer unless its a social mode like fiesta, as well being an option for custom games and present in the campaign.

I’d love to see dual-wielding make a return. Only Halo’s 2 and 3 had it (back in 2004 and 2007 respectively), so it would definitely be a welcome return.

With the grappleshot, there are a lot of cool opportunities for very quick weapon swapping and it would be nice if we could grapple a weapon and then immediately dual-wield it turning the odds in our favour.

Yes! It was an awesome feature that was brought in Halo 2 that I hate went away.

Definitely. Just don’t allow it in Multiplayer. But, this has been said for years to no avail. Perhaps it’ll be different for Infinite.

Yes I miss dual wielding I said they should bring in back of the form I posted on here go check it out and tell me what you think it’s called (the perfect halo game)

Dual wielding as it appeared in Halo 2 and 3… NO. But with some tweaks mechanically, or probably a full revamp actually… Maybe. I do miss dual wielding. It was pretty cool. Be it a bit broken.

I think duel wielding could return if “duel weapon bundles” are picked up as one weapon entity.

I.e. instead of picking up two SMG’s from two different spots, there would be a weapon spawn location where you would “hold x to pick up duelie SMG’s.” You wouldn’t be able to drop one of the two for a different weapon. If you picked up another gun, you would drop the duelies as one weapon object.

I know lore wise and realistically it doesn’t make a ton of sense, but it’s the only way I can see duel wielding returning without having to worry about completely rebalancing a ton of the weapon sandbox.

Nah fam dual SPNKrs here we gooooo.

Of course this applies only to campaign and firefight.


Only campaign.

Having dual wielding in campaign would be really cool. Having it in multiplayer would present a balance issue, as I’m sure certain guns like the smg would absolutely shred in dual wield. Plus I’m sure 343 would like guns to function largely the same across both campaign and multiplayer. That would make game balance much easier for them to control while also making it less confusing for players. I do hope they can somehow fit dual wielding in somewhere but it doesn’t look like it’s in the game at this time.

To me I would say yes, but in campaign only. Or an option to toggle it off online. Like if you can have it in MP for some fun times and casual play, let’s go for that. Sure the weapons that are duel wieldable will have a reduced damage, but that is where the toggle comes in. If you have it disabled, then the normal damage properties of the weapons return to normal.

In standard matchmaking I’d rather see it absent but as an option for custom games, sure.

Awesome for custom games.

Terrible for competitive / ranked games (stuffs up the weapon tuning).

Somewhere in-between for Campaign - but if you want consistency in your weapon’s sandbox then you have to tend towards terrible.

I didn’t mind dual wielding but then several weapons would have to be updated/balanced and potentially nerfed which likely wouldn’t sit well with some players. Want the magnum to be like it was back in Halo 2 and 3 again where it wasn’t as resourceful?

I loved dual wielding in H2 and H3. It was a cool mechanic that added an additional skill gap to the game. But I’d be remiss if I ignored two major pitfalls of that mechanic:

  • it makes the game extremely difficult to balance - it forcibly nerfs certain weapons that are meant to be dual wielded to the point where you can never use them by themselves