Should Halo have double jumping and jetpack?


Double jump: Tap A twice.

Jetpack: Tap A twice and hold.

Sorry about that. I realized that many people thought that I meant for the whole game, in general.

None of the above.

I like Halo 5 so far, but double jumping and jetpacks? Not really. Maybe in a select custom games playlist called Machinima, but otherwise, no.

The only thing close to this that I would be all right with would be a small wall jump like in the game “Murder Miners” that didn’t effect your shooting or accuracy at all.

The capability for double-jumps is already in place, with thruster packs and jetpacks–currently you can hover for a bit and slowly fall. Thruster packs are jetpacks. It’s just that the jetpacks in Halo Reach and Halo 4–and the Thruster Pack in Halo 4, don’t give you a lot of choice in where you can go whilst using it. Halo 5’s thruster pack does.

In fact, that’s essentially what the jetpack in Halo Reach and Halo 4 is for–double-jumping.

Clamber is relatively redundant, presently. If we could use it to move along edges like in platformers, then it would actually be useful. Currently, it just makes jumping gaps easier.

Ew, this is Halo, not Titanfall/CoD

This has to be a troll thread… I pray to God it is just a troll thread. If actual SERIOUS members of the Halo community think this would be a good idea, then it’s no wonder 343i can get away with so much BS (despite the fact I like H5, still loads of other BS). Everybody is an idiot obsessed with evolving with the times. That is not how game series are supposed to work. You continue improving on the base formula for the game with each installment without radically changing anything because then the game would no longer be that same game. It becomes a whole other game that odds are fans will not be happy with. Once gameplay has become stale or irrelevant when compared to other games of the same type, then you end the series. That is how the normal life cycle of a game series should work.

And titans and no shields.

Halofall: advanced warfare

Clamber is cool, I like it in gameplay, a jetpack would be sweet and interesting in gameplay

Jetpack is nice to an extent, because it makes the maps feel open, but ultimately is a reason why they’re as stretched as they are (sprint is a bigger one though). As for double jumps, they’re just boring. Why do those when you can do rocket, grenade, and crouch jumps?