Should Halo CEA have 2 playlists?

Halo Anniversary should have 2 playlists. Classic and Updated.

Classic: should have pefected Zero Bloom, no AA’s, increased movement speed and jump height, reduced melee damage, bleedthrough, no swordblock and classic versions of the maps.

Updated: should have 85% bloom, Updated AA’s, no swordblock, bleedthrough, default Reach base traits and the updated versions of the maps.

I’ve been reading many users opinions on the TU and I think this woud be an alright solution…

Your thoughts?

I’m open to constructive critisism and your opinions.

I think this would work! :smiley:

I actually think this could work.

thumbs up

Thanks I thought I would get flamed… :stuck_out_tongue:

well I like the idea but just to nit pick if they want it to be more like Halo 1 then they should keep default movement speed (before anyone says anything if you check the speed in reach is almost identical to that of CE its just the speed acceleration that gets in the way) and have a setting that only allows weapons only found in CE to be placed on the map, so that might eliminate the need for something like sword block