Should Halo 6 campaign be at 30 fps?

Would you like the campaign in Halo 6 to be at 30 fps in order to have better graphics? This is a similar strategy that The Coalition did for Gears of War 4. Multiplayer will still be 60 fps.

Anything for less downgrades and split screen.

I’ll only accept 720p/30fps in Halo 6 if splitscreen is active. Don’t worry, the game will run at 1080p/60fps when it’s singleplayer.

With Xbox Scorpio releasing sometime this year, It’s hard to say if there will be 30fps for any reason. It’s most likely we’ll have split screen along with improved graphics. Basically the Scorpio will have a GTX 980 which is a pretty powerful card.

if its allows the addition of the split-screen the yes. And basically yes if it allows for any other improvements as well, its shouldn’t really be the priority.

The way I see it is this. The game in general will be at 720p or 900p on the Xbox One and on Project Scorpio it will be 1080p or 4k. The campaign will be 30fps and multiplayer player will be an unlocked 60fps on the Xbox One and on Project Scorpio the game in general will be in 60fps (locked or unlocked).

The fact that in this day and age the Xbox one can’t run 60fps without making cuts to gameplay is bad enough. If 30fps in halo 6 means split screen will return, then I say, make the sacrifice.


And would be perfectly fine myself with scaling the fps rate differently between different game modes if needed.

Don’t really care if it’s there or not. I’ll take it or leave it, even if that means splitscreen never returns because of it.

Only if we can have splitscreen back.

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> Anything for less downgrades and split screen.

True Story Spartan

Anything for splitscreen back. That was and still on is one of the best parts about the games, and if graphics need to be cut so be it. In my personal opinion it’s always gameplay over graphics.

I want it to be 4K at 60fps on Scorpio. GoW4 was beautiful and Halo 6 should be nothing less.

I would a be a little annoyed if the game was downgraded for a feature I don’t even use anymore. I would prefer 60fps, over 30fps and 1080p is a must have. Anything less than 1080p is a real put-off.